Salem College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those who are interested in Pre-Med, Creative Writing, (International) Business Management, or Musical Performance (specifically Piano Performance). The college is small, so if you are a perspective student looking for a very active community with lots of clubs and events, Salem might be a bit too tame. That is not to say that Salem women do not have their fun times--but the Winston-Salem community is a sort of quiet artsy-town. Another note I should make is the lack of ethnic diversity, which is something I would prefer to be changed.


A person that attends Salem College should be independent, outgoing, and motivated!


Salem College is a unique school that allows all students to grow and mature in an environment tailored to their needs. This is a college that recognizes the strengths each one of its students brings and helps them to build that strength to use it later in life. The student that chooses Salem is someone who is strong in their self, has ambitious goals, and knows that they have a place in the advancing world. Salem women are strong, ambitious, and dedicated.


A friendly, open minded female. She should want to be involved, like small class sizes as well.


A person who is eager to learn and likes an enviroment with low teacher/student ratios. A person who truly wants to better themselves.


Someone who is serious about their education, and not seeking a school for four years of partying.


a person willing to learn, experience new things and challenge themselves


Any kind of person who wants to attend. All different kinds of women attend now and if we had the same people it would get rather boring.