Salem State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Salem State has a great business school, especially for a state university. I mostly brag about the education level for a state college.


When bragging about my school, I tend to focus on it's price and location. Attending a school in the Boston area can be extremely pricey, but Salem is close enough to the city yet far enough where they price isn't breaking my parent's backs. There's plenty to do such as head to the beach or take a train into the city, plus tons of malls and movie theaters. It's ideal for someone who likes to live a step up from the suburbs.


What I brag about most when telling my friends about Salem State College is the fact that the campus is so peaceful,drama free. The police and the students do a very good job about keeping the school so nice,and peaceful.


Well i would have to say the Basketball team and how friendly people are in this college. Its not just a college you can really feel like if you were at home. The people cater you and make you feel so healthy and close to home that way it should be.


When I talk to my friends I brag about how much freedom you get living on campus in college than at home while in high school. I brag about the hot college parties and older and mature people. I brag about how you make your own decsions after your first semester freshmen year is over on when and what time you want to go to classes.


how great some of the professors were.


I tell them about my professors and about the interesting classes I have taken.


I don't usually brag about my school. I don't brag at all really, except about school.


The hours that I go to class, the teachers are good.


I'm a BFA design major and my professors are amazing. They are passionate and really know their craft. We have the best professors ever!