Salisbury University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and give my high school senior self advcie it would be brief. I would tell myself to take things one day at a time, and to invest in people. Everything else in between is all part of the experience and ought not be changed. It's the experience that helps you grow as a person.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high senior, I would tell myself to spend more time reading.


I would tell myself to really take tutoring and studying more seriously. Nothing is going to be given to you when you go to this university. You can do it if you just take the time to sit down ans get the work done the correct way. Do not waste the time you put into getting accepted and just throw it away. If you don't do this for your supporting famaily and friends, the least you can do is do it for yourself. You have done everything you could to get in and now you need to prove that you deserve to stay. Take the classes you have right now seriously and you will be at the top of the list when you graduate. You will come to see that college will push like never before. Just remember that you should not let your pride of asking for help get in the way. Let any new friends you make that your work comes before anything. Above all else, do not doubt yourself and always remember that now you can decide your destiny. Work hard to make your own future and you will succeed. We can do this.


I would take my high school senior self by the hand and tell her to calm down and that I am seriously from the future. I would tell her that in the ensuing months ahead she'd be met with an abundance of exhausting obstacles and there would be days of self-doubt. I would tell her she would find herself wandering aimlessly through the halls of her mind about whether she was on the right track in life or wasting her time. Then I would emphasize that, that type of thinking is alright and that it is completely normal. I would reassure her that she absolutely loves learning and, just as she imagined, she will adore college. That she would learn and grow and perservere at times she once thought she would crumble. I would tell her that she is strong enough and smart enough to be the best she could be. Then I would do a little spin and tell her I have never felt so... complete in my life.


I would tell myself that fun is important, but grades are far more important. The memories that come from hanging out with friends and exploring will last, however, there is no need to go every weekend. I'd also tell myself to study the way you want to, you know yourself better than anyone, not even a professor can tell you the best way to study, so don't listen! I would also teach myself about the wonders of FAFSA, so that I could have continually attended college and graduated in the right amount of time.


I would let my self know that waiting is not a bad thing. It is better to wait and determine what it is I really want to do in life than take years in very expensive college to determine it. Then to focus on that subject, get to know teachers and become immersed in it to learn all that can be learned.


I would tell myself that it is okay to become upset that you will be living in a dorm, three hours from home, with people you do not know. I would go back and tell myself to reach out more to the other students in my Living Learning Community because it would provide me with better relations with the students I would live with for an entire year. I would engage more and eat with the other students. In addition, I would also tell myself that I need to create a daily schedule to help me plan out my week for personal time ("me" time and time to adjust) after I have planned out when I need to have my assignments completed. I would tell myself to talk with my teachers for advice and to engage in more clubs to keep myself active in the Salisbury community to provide myself with more friendships. Lastly, I would tell myself to keep more in touch with my friends and family back home instead of only once a week or sometimes rarely because I would forget how long it had been since I last talked to certain people.


College is an amazing experience that you will enjoy. At times it may be very difficult, but there is always support available to you when you need. This support will come from your friends, family, and the University. Take advantage of all that is available to you, such as tutoring, counseling, academic advisors, sporting events, intermural sports, and more. Taking part in these will help make your experience that much more special. You will be successful in life no matter what your goals are. During college, you will make the foundation for the rest of your life, so make choices wisely and do what is best for yourself now and in the future. Never forget, you are brilliant and will go far in life as long as you stay focused and work hard.


If right now, as a freshmen college student, I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior again, there would be a tremendous amount of advice I'd give to myself. For one, to start off, I would tell myself to take my courses and studies more seriously. In high school, if I would have studied a little bit more and took advantage of all the oportunities of the grasping and memorizing all the material, it would have better prepared me for college and all of the triggerous work that was in store for me. Another thing I would tell myself, to take key advice of, would be to get more involved in my school. I'm now doing it at Salisbury Unversity, where I try to take part in every activity and learning experience I can get my hands on. Doing this now makes me realize the experience it makes and all the help it can truly be. Finally I would tell my high school senior self good job! Good job for trying so hard and making it into Salisbury Unversity, as it has been my best decision so far.


If I could rewind the clock I would reveal to my Senior self one thing that I have now learned in my little time at Salisbury University, and that is that this transition into adulthood and indepence is one that you can not take lightly, when you arive on camous you should take advantage for all that the University has to offer, after all you are paying for it anyways! Try everything at least once, give things a chance that you normally wouldnt have given a second glance. College is all about choices. A wise Resadent Assisent once told me "Pain is temporary but GPA is forever" and acording to the college life stigma its impossible to get acceptional grades without pulling all nighters or last minuet cram sessions, well I say thats not true at all. One lesson I've learned is never sacrafice sleep for studying cause while you might feel as though you are trying harder your brain is slowly shutting down. The point is there is no need to overwhelm yourself with stress because "everyone else" is freaking out, do not feel obligated to pulll your hair out. Like I said before college is about choices.


“It is the best four years of your life” an adage every high school senior has heard as they bid ado to the comforts of home. Following graduation there was plenty to do; the appeal of college life was irresistible, and the new freedom, palpable. Within the first few weeks mandatory orientation seminars and classes facilitated the growth of friendships which flourished in the absence of parental control and the presence of alcohol. An inverse relationship swiftly developed between class attendance and “extra circular activities” resulting in inadequate academic performance. A new definition, balance, was one which needed to be understood and practiced. Instead, in the remaining years academics consumed my life, as I switched majors and frantically worked to improve my GPA. A dwindling social calendar and an increasing GPA, accompanied by extensive involvement in research manifested into a bachelor’s degree. After graduation all that remains is a piece of paper and memories of “the time of my life,” but only the paper remains. Earning my degree and exceeding academically came at a price; because of the absence of balance, I could not have both an elaborate social calendar and shine academically. Learning balance would have been beneficial.


If I could go back and talk to myself I would definitely tell myself to be confident. The worst thing about being where I'm from is that most people stay in that area. If they do leave, it's always somewhere no more than an hour away. I woulld tell myself to apply to more than one college because I'm not as dumb as I thought I was. That I shouldn't be so concerned with how much everything will cost, but moreso being focused on accomplishing my dreams. I want to tell myself that boys are not important and you could have gotten straight A's if you really had put in the effort. I ould tell myself that life has so much more to offer than what I thought. That, regardless of where you come from, it's where you end up that matters. Finally, I would tell myself to believe in me, because not having confidence and faith will get you nowhere. That you can do anything you put your mind to regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.


I would tell myself that it is not as hard as it is believe to be and you can do anything you set you mind to.


If I could do it all over again, I would have stayed in community college for the first two years and finished my general education credits and figured out my life. Then I would apply to schools overseas so I could study foreign language in other countries like I always wanted to. However, I don't completely regret Salisbury, it is a good school as far as education goes and I feel safe here. I just don't think it was the best choice for me!


Do not waste your time, go to college and work hard now so your mother can see you graduate before she dies and your father can see you graduate before he becomes a drug addict.


Every morning, I wake up with hope for the new day and with a personal passion that I have held since I was a child, which is to become a doctor. Considering what I know about college now, I will repeatedly advise myself to get ready for challenging and frustrating, but fun and learning environment. Since I was a child, the health care field impresses me because it encourages critical thinking and creative problem solving; it involves working collaboratively with a team of professionals toward the same goal, and these are things that I enjoy doing. As an adult, I always look forward to learning and growing my knowledge and expertise. I believe that the best place for me to learn, grow and accomplish is four years university-Salisbury University. However, I learned that it is not easy to get a bachelor degree or become a great health professional. It needs time, energy and money. Furthermore, motivation and determination are very crucial. Since I learned that there is a long and challenging journey ahead until I reach my goal. I will tell myself to bring more commitment and determination to hard work and success to my Bachelor of Science program.


Take all different kinds of classes. You will not figure out what you want to do with your life until you take all of the wrong classes and take the right class a year too late. Don't be intimidated by the work because I promise you will benefit from it. Don't be afraid to speak up when you need help. Also, don't try to fit in with the people you aren't. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be happier. Go out and meet people more! Don't be afraid to come out of your shell! Stop sitting at home and watching TV. Make something of your time. Don't be afriad to ask someone to go on a hike, or to borrow a canoe. Try anything and everything because you won't know if you like it or not until you do. Love everyone and everything...until they do you wrong. Then just stay away. You don't need that in your life.


"What matters so much, matters so little" are the words that my father has spoken to me numerous times. As a high school senior this statement was ludicrous. I assured him that all events taking place in my life at this moment, whether it be who won the senior superlatives or who had the best car, or who had the best looking boyfriend or girlfriend were at the top of the importance totum pole. Looking back on the days where I had a skewed perception of what mattered so much, I wish I could tell myself otherwise. Holding the knowledge of college life I would tell my high school senior self that what matters so much, like who had the best car, matters so little when you're hugging your mother goodbye and staying on your own for the first time. I would tell my senior year self to appreciate family life and to appreciate the love that supports you on your journey through college because it is family that becomes the most significant importance when you are on your own.


I would have begun to look at college differently. I use to look at it as a scary part of my life, leaving home and becoming more independent, not sure if I would succed in my career, loosing and gaining friends, a time of change. I would tell myself that everything would be okay. As I look at myself now and look back at all the mistakes I have made in the past, I realize I can still change and do things differently to better myself. This spring semester was the first time I went away for college and not going to the local community college. It was a lot different and alot to get used to, but I look and see how much progress I made not only in school work, but in myself. I made new friends, learned new study habbits, became more positive, and knew that Saisbury was the perfect school for me.


As long as you continue to stay focused on being the best person you can be to aid in being successful, you will be able to succeed with flying colors. Always make sure to pay attention, stay active in the community that you are in, and learn to understand different people so that you connect with many people to create bridges strong enough to not fall down easily. Make sure to find friends that will enocourage you to be better when they recognize that you are not meeting your full potential. Also, do not be afraid to reach out to others and help them be the best people that they could be by letting them know that you are willing to help in any way that you can within your boundaries. Continue to challenge yourself whenever given the opportunity, but do not bite more than you can chew so that you can stay true to your goal of nothing but succeeding in life, successfully getting your degree, and working hard towards a career that you would love to pursue for the remainder of your life. Stay positive and happiness and success will follow!


The best piece of advice I could give myself or anybody would be to not judge somebody by how they look. I've learned that you cant judge somebidy just by how they talk or what clothes they wear because they could be an amazing and interesting person. At any time you could meet a CEO or start up investor that could change your whole life, but if you judge them right away and decide to brush them off then that opportunity is gone. in a world where its all about who you know it never hurts to have a lot of friends, and the best way to do that is to be open minded.


I believe that the biggest piece of information that I was never told was to read the chapter before you go to your lecture. College is the opposite of high school, meaning that you dont get introduced to the material in class then have reading and homework to do for that section afterwords. You have to read before the lecture so you can ask any questions you have or get anything clarified that is unclear. You also have to be able to interact with the class discussion because most college professors take class participation into account while deciding on your grade. I have also learned that it takes time to get things to sink into your brain so cramming for tests doesnt help. If your serious about doing well in school then you have to consistently study daily, ask lots of questions, take detailed notes and never miss class. Asking a class mate or a professor for help if you begin to feel lost is also a must. Even taking it a step further and getting a tutor is often neccesary to succeed in college. Dont be afraid to ask for help and dont be afraid to fail.


Dear Nick, Hey, this is me, Nick. I'm a freshman at your future college, Salisbury University. Enjoy that senior year of highschool, but maybe instead of taking gym and weightlifting again, you might want to take a few AP courses. English, for example is pretty tricky at college. You're use to the teachers at highschool, so you might want to work out after school and take more difficult classes. College is great though. It is a lot more freedom because you get to schedule your classes at times that work for you. For example, this whole year you only go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which is cool because you take four classes in three days and can do homework on Tuesday and Thursday......but don't get used to it because it won't always work out this way. The ride from home to Salisbury is a little further than your highschool around the corner, but it can be a relaxing ride with music on and windows down. Don't stress too much, have lunch at college with new friends, and do your best.


To try to be accepting and try to be socialable early. Stay focused and believe in yourself.


I would tell myself to join as many clubs as possible at Salisbury and to not be afraid to start a new club if I did not find one that I really liked. I would also tell myself to find a job off-campus early in August in Salisbury because many are not available during the school year and on-campus jobs are hard to find.


To the high school senior verison of myself, I would like to tell you to enjoy your life and have fun but know how to balance fun, work and studying, do not overload yourself in any of them. the transition between high school and college is one that is both difficault and easy. Hard because you arer totally on your own no one to make you food or clean up after you, the professors do not nag you about doing your work or giving you extensions for no reason. however, iot is quite easy beacsue you are already used to having a job and going to school. it is just a little more intense. Enjoy high school and look forward to the future and choose a major you will enjoy as a career and one you fell like you will succeed at.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to take advantage of any opportunity to be social with a group as a great way to meet people and start forming connections and friendships with others. Attend interest meetings just to learn about clubs and find clubs that you are interested in and it allows you to continue meeting people. Being social and trying new things in your first year of college is a great way to form new memories and allows you to discover what you're interested in. I would also tell myself to stay on task and take your time on work, no matter how small the point value is being given for work it is important to try your hardest on each assignment because every point truly counts when it comes to grades. Lastly, I would tell myself to enjoy the new experience, this is the beginning of a new chapter and although it may be frustrating during the transition it's important to stay happy and enjoy every moment.


I would tell myself I need to be more self-reliant and responsible. It is on you to get your work done on time, professors do not care if you hand your work in or not. Focus more on acdemics instead of athletics.


Study, study, and study. Keep working hard because your future depends on it. Apply to many different colleges and scholarships as possible. In addition to ever slack off or derail from your goals, thus you have to motivate yourself every single day. Lastly, try to have some fun once in a while that way you can a balance of stress and time to relax.


My main advice I would give to myself would be to not be afraid to meet new people and try different things. It's easy to stay in your dorm room but it's better to go out and get involved in some way on campuse. I would also tell myself to reach out to my freshman dorm and share Jesus with them. Living in a dorm is a great opportunity to be a witness to others.


I would tell myself to save as much money as possible to help with tuition costs and living expenses, to search and apply for scholarships and awards as soon as possible, and to make sure that I am seriously focused and willing to do anything that it takes to earn my degree.


From what I know now, I would tell my younger self to bring as much to the table as possible. For instance, my senior year I could have taken four AP courses instead of only two. With the college credits gained from the AP courses, and enrollment in the “Jump Start” program, which allowed high school seniors to take college courses at the local community college, I would be on quicker path to success. I really believe it’s about taken advantage of opportunities placed in front of you. I would tell my younger self to really understand the importance of every class and every assignment. Also, when you slack, you’re only cheating yourself. Public schooling is the biggest opportunity for it may not be the most upgraded institutes in the world, but you have to make the best of it knowing that your efforts will show when it’s time for graduation. My younger self would now understand college and higher learning is a privilege that is earned. There are many prestigious colleges around the US that are yearning for students that are clearly driven. Not only my younger self, but every student has that chance to be.


I would tell my high school self to be a little more patient and enjoy life a little more. I was so determined to move out, go to school, and do everything at once, that I forgot to enjoy the everyday things. Without balance in my life, I ended up getting discouraged very easily when things wouldn't work out perfectly. I was also so busy that I missed out on other opportunities to enjoy friends before everyone moved, spend more time with my family, and the extras that high school offered. I feel that balance becomes even more important when you go to college. Some of the best experiences I have had in college were because I finally allowed myself to enjoy the little things, and to go out and have some fun! As a result, I have life long friends, more confidence, and some pretty funny stories that make me the life of the party, benefit, or even business meetings. So to my high school self; Have patience, and enjoy life as it comes! It makes the future you're working towards more rewarding.


If I could go back in time, I would give the advise to work more harder on my SAT and AP courses. Put in more effort and try to get more volunteering done in order to get more hand on experience of the outside world. Not only that, since college also requires club activies that really build up your resume, I would recommend partcipating in more educational clubs in high school so the trend can be carried onwards to university.


If I could go back in time as a senior in college I would tell myself to not be so scared. I would tell myself that just because I do not know exactly what career I want to have, does not mean that you are the only one that isn't sure. I would advise myself to go to the community college of your choice and take all the general studies courses. I would enhance how important it is to finish an associates degree before transferring to a university. I would tell myself this because I have learned that if you tranfer from a community college without completing your associates degree, a lot of credits won't transfer and you will end up having less credits than you really worked for. I would say that since you do not know for sure what you want to study, take all the classes that most interest you in community college and complete a general studies degree. After this, you will have a better idea of what you would like to major in. Then, you'll be able to transfer to the university of your choice and study what you enjoy.


Go away to college your freshman year and live on campus to get the full exeprience. Decide your major early and have fun.


Everyone is so eager to rush into things. My senior year of high school, I was a babbling mess. I was so eager to start college and move on with my life, that I overlooked and, consequently, missed out on many of the opportunities I had in high school. While I did still go to prom, spend time with my friends for Senior Week, and walk across the stage for graduation, the rest of my final year in high school was spent in a constant haze from all of the college paperwork and financial aid forms. If I could go back in time and talk to myself while I was still in high school, I would simply say this, "Don't rush into everything. Take time to enjoy life while it is still simple, because as you get older, you will lose that opportunity. LIfe's a struggle, but you don't have to face it at a running spead. Take time to smell the roses, and, above all, live by this simple phrase: Carpe Diem."


Dear Past Carly, Please stop fretting so much about going to HCC, it’s going to be fine. It’s only a community college! Everyone else will be going away, but you'll still see them, I promise. You’re going to have so much more free time now, so use it wisely! Don’t waste that entire time sitting in front of the computer screen, playing on the internet. Go out and meet some new people! Definitely pick up somakeme more hours at work, because working hard will boost you up to manager (Never thought you would get there, right?) and get you some serious savings for when you decide it’s time to transfer. Don’t worry about choosing a major either, because it’s not the end of the world if you decide to switch once or twice. And make sure to get to that campus early, missy! Parking is horrifying at the last minute. Work hard, and no night classes, because you'll fall asleep in those. You’re going to love being a college student, really. Love, Future Carly. (PS Start watching Doctor Who! You’re going to love it and make some new friends!)


I would encourage myself to be more open minded and outgoing. I would have pursued more clubs and social activities insteadof limiting myself.


Dear High School self, You may think that getting out of high school is the best thing to happen right now, but really, your life is just beginning. Next year you are going to go to college and that is a whole new environment full of amazing experiences that will build your future. Make sure you keep your priorities straight. First, family matters. No matter how much you think going away to school will be empowering, you will miss home alot, especially your first semester, so remember that your family has enabled you to get this far and take advantage of the time you have left at home. Secondly, time management is just as hard and important as everyone has ever told you. Make time for studying and doing homework, but also leave free time to spend time with friends and interact with others in your campus community. Take advantage of what your school has to offer and get active on and off campus. Lastly, this is going to be some of the toughest and most memoriable years of your life, so remember how hard you worked to get here. Have fun and be safe! From, Your College-Experienced- Self


The advice I would give myself if I were back in high school is to have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I have done well academically, but my first semester I had very high anxiety under the stress of high expectations, this has changed since but I wasted a lot of time being stressed out. Also I’d definitely stress taking more risks in order to be happy. I gave up the sport of volleyball just so I’d be more focused on nursing but I realize now that playing volleyball would have been a good choice because there is time for it and it’s great for social reasons, and emotional and physical health. I think the greatest advice I would give myself is make decisions and do things for yourself and your future, not for other people. It is great to do nice things for other people but it is not right to make life changing decisions based on others in your life at a young age. Also don’t get good grades for the purpose of impressing your parents or anyone else because that only lasts for so long, do it for yourself.


After experiencing the transition from high school to college there are a few things I would love to go back and tell myself in high school. First would be to become more familiar with the techniques and amount of time needed to study for an exam. It would have been beneficial and less stressful during the first semester. To go along with study techniques, another piece of advice would be to challenge myself more. If I took honors or advanced placement classes I would have been able to experience the increased amount of study time and it would have provided me with college credits while still attending high school. Those college credits would have gotten me one step closer to earning my degree in a shorter period of time. Finally, the last bit of advice would be to enjoy the time I had there. Now that I am a sophomore in college I realize how quickly time went by. I would tell myself to cherish the moments and friendships made along with having few responsibilities. The biggest transition from high school to college is living on your own and growing up so quickly.


There are a lot of things which I would change. Assuming I could go back to my days as a high school senior, one of the first things I would do would be to apply for every single scholarship I could, as well as to help in my community more. Being just a college freshman really allowed me to realize the struggle and resourcefulness that college students have to possess, when put under a great deal of financial pressure. Applying myself to many scholarships, as well as being an active member in my hometown, would not only benefit the community by helping, but prove to be a great factor in numerous scholarships and even contribute to future specific job applications that could prove to be very helpful.


If I could go back in time I definitely would work harder. Coming to college I had no idea how hard the class were going to be, and I wish I was more prepared for them. If I took the time last year to study more and work harder I feel as if this transition would not have been so drastic. The transition was harder than it needed to be, and I really do regret not takng my senior year seriously.


If I had access to a time machine that would allow me to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have so many warnings for myself. I would look myself in the eye and, very seriously, tell myself to reconsider the decision to jump straight into a University setting after high school. "The University setting is much more overwhelming then it initially seems. It is nothing like the duel enrollment classes at the community college. You will fail your classes if you jump straight in now." That is the harsh truth that I learned, that I wish I could have known then. I would also warn myself against being too proud to seek help. "Instead of saying, "I will figure it out," if you don't understand something, find a tutor. There is nothing wrong with asking for help." These little bits of insight from myself would have made a huge difference in my academic carreer then.


The advice I would give myself is to never "slack off" and always stay organized and manage your time properly. It is very important that you never miss a deadline or lose something because of your social life. College can very demanding at times whether it be school work, friends, or extra curricular activities. I would also share that it is important that you become very involved on campus as early as possible, you can meet people you never thought you would be friends with and you will be given chances that you would normally never take.


I would basically advise on getting good grades in high school in order to get into a good college and to receive a good scholarship!


I'd tell myself that the transition is a little bumpy but we will get through it. I'd tell myself to brace myself for the transition that will become the rest of our lives, to brace myself for the education that I long for, to brace myself to one of the biggest steps for becoming an adult. Ever since grade school, we have been having our hand held but now it's time to walk on our own two feet into the world by ourselves. It's a scary transition but well worth it, not only for ourselves but also for the other people we will soon be helping. The most important thing i'd tell myself is college isn't an investment for just myself, but for others who need my help.


If given the opportunity to travel back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, a tantalizing proposition I might add, I would have so much to say; entirely too much to fit in to 200 words. I must first say this: the college life is amazing. There is not much that can beat it. The friends you make and the things you experience culminate into the best time of your life. After explaining this I would then urge myself to seriously consider colleges out of the area in which I live. I would tell myself to go out and experience everything; go to a big college, go everywhere and do EVERYTHING. I would say this with utmost confidence, not that I am unsatisfied with my college experience because that is certainly not the case. I have experienced many wonderful things with many great people so far, but I am still left wanting more. I would say to myself, just get out there and experience life, because the transition and whatever else will surely take care of itself.


Even if I had the option, I wouldn't tell myself what to do. I would let things go exactly how they went this first time around, because I think I've done a pretty good job. So far I've managed to find just the balance that I want between schoolwork, my social life, jobs, clubs, and everything else that goes into my life at Salisbury. Even better than that, I found a true family there that I never expected to find. I would tell my scared former high school self to relax a little and trust that I know what's best for me! I have made the right choices so far, and I knew what I was doing much more than I thought I did.

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