Sam Houston State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Sam Houston State University is best known for its Criminal Justice Program. There is a significant amount of research that is able to be done there. The School is in close proximity to many of the state and local prisons that are in Huntsville. This allows for great partnerships and excellent Criminal Justice programs that rival the best in the country.


Criminal Justice and also how mascot SAMMY BEARKAT.


I believe that Sam Houston State University is best known for a few of the academic programs. I was in marching band in high school and competed in the SHSU marching band competition twice. I was able to watch the Sam Houston State University Marching Band perform, and was very impressed with them. I also has several teachers in high school who were SHSU alumni. They were great teachers who spoke proudly of the education program. I have also met several people who have graduated as part of the Criminal Justice program who spoke highly of their education.


Decent football team and education programs.


We are best known for our Criminal Justice program and our Education program. Our other programs are prestigious as well but those are two programs that we are known for.


My school is known for being the best education programs and one of the best criminal justice programs in the state of Texas.


The School is best known for its football team. Just last year they were the champions of the Southerland conference. So Football is definitely a big thing around here.


It is best known for criminal justice degrees.


My school is best known for its Criminal Justice program. We are located next door to a prison, so I guess it is natural. The Criminal Justice program is one of the best in the nation and is like its own college. We are also well known for our musical theatre program that is one of the best in Texas.


We are best known for our rivalry with SFA and for being named after General Sam Houston.


My school is best known for being the fourth most successful school for teaching Criminal Justice and its small, friendly, environment.


If you plan on majoring in CJ or Education Sam is your school. Beautiful campus and diverse population are the reciepe for a great college experience.


My school is best known for it's teachers and criminal justice graduates. The school was founded for justice of the criminals in the prison. There is a great deal of hands on experience for those majors. Teaching and Theater are the other things that SHSU is known for. A great deal of teachers are very successful in their fields. The Theater program is among the top 25 in the nation and produces very professional quality productions from the department and the students involved.


My university is best known for its amazing criminal justice degree program and its fantastic teaching certification program. Underneath the surface though, Sam Houston State University has a strength in almost all of the majors that they offer. Its English Department ranks in the top markings in the state and provides great professors, many with backgrounds in writing and literature from personal experience. The Art Department is very well rounded as well, providing students with a strong background in many unique forms of artwork.


I would have to say either our sports or our fine arts department.


Sam Houston State University best known academically for its phenomenal Criminal Justice program. It is also known for its location. Texas has one hundred and fifteen prisons and Huntsville is home to six of these. Huntsville also possesses The Texas Prison Museum which features "Old Sparky" the electric chair that exucited 361 prisoners from 1924 to 1964.


Food was wonderful at UTSA. I have not had the chance to experience Sam Houston's food.


Beautiful campus


Having a lot of school spirit. We also have an amazing ag program.


Our Criminal Justice Department is one of the top five in the nation. In addition, our history department is well known at other universities in Texas.


The best thing are the professors and their willingness to help you past their class. The falcuty show how much they care about their students.


Its intense participation in supporting the football games, having an amazing Criminal Justice and Theatre Department, as well as Education Department, its close-knit student population. People here are friendly and social. It's the perfect size school, not too small, but not too big where it's hard to meet people. There are plenty of opportunites to get involved in extra curricular activites here through fraternities or sororities or other affiliations or intramural sports teams.


Being in a boring run down town where everyone goes home on the weekends... The only thing to stay socially active is join a fraternity/sorority and even those arent a strong factor on campus. This school takes work to have fun, but it is possible


My university might be best known for either it's beautiful campus or it's criminal justice program. This campus has a strong criminal justice following, and is renowned for it's music school and science/psychology fields. It is a very social school and contains a lot of school spirit, so it might be best known for the people that brag about having attended here. :)


Sam Houston seems to be know as a great school for criminal justice and teaching majors but the business, communication, and most other schools are fantastic programs too. Beside that its a pretty small town but theres always something going on.


It is best known for criminal justice and education. I believe it is ranked one of the top three schools in the country for criminal justice. I'm not sure about education.


It's Education program. It's the best.


Drinking and smoking pot. Dan Rather. Death Row is actually on campus.


Criminal Justice.


Probably the criminal justice program since our university is in the town with the state prison.


My school is best known for the Criminal Justice program we have here in Sam Houston State University that is one of the major reasons why I choose to come here. And it has paid off to because this coming up semester I will be interning with the United States Secret Service. I could really use the scholarship since I am going to be needing gas money to come back and forth from Huntsville to Houston. We also are known for the big Sam Houston Statute that we have off the side of the road as you come into Huntsville.


Being very easy to get into and having a good teaching and criminal justice program.


Criminal Justice and Education departments


Sam Houston State is best known for its college of Criminal Justice.