Sam Houston State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Sam Houston is the college town feel of the campus and surrounding city. There is so much school spirit both from students and the people from Huntsville. Sam Houston isn't overwhelming for new college studdnts, because of the relatively small student body.


The best aspect fo Sam Houston State University is that it is not over populated. This allows there to we a smaller ratio per student to professor, allowing the students to be acknowledged in class. Also providing more one on one between the student and professor if needed.


The vast amount of opportunities that are available to the students at this campus.


The best thing about Sam Houston State is the community. There is always someone there to help you. I made friends there before I even moved in. If you are willing to make friends, then you will find someone there, always.


The best thing about Sam is that it has a small school feel, even though the school is constantly growing the classes and the environment is very close knit. I really enjoy being able to make friends and see them the next semester without having to go find them.


What I loved most about SHSU was the professors. They are all knowledgeable. They either have their doctorate or are in the process of getting it. Your professor is most likely your adviser (in the ag department) and are extremely helpful.


The best part of my school is how diverse it is. No matter what your background is or ethnicity there is someone and something that you can connect with.


What's best about my school are all the centers and places available for studying and tutoring for students. I am a college-athlete and also have access to an entire center that is just for the college-athletes to study and succeed. The campus is just big enough to space things out but not too big so that you get lost. I also love all the oppurtunities and job available here at Sam Houston.


There's not too many people; most of the classes are pretty small, so I feel like I'm able to connect to my teachers and classmates more. Teachers know you by name, and are always willing to help you.


The best thing about my school is the beautiful campus and the location relative to Houston and Dallas. This allows for many different commuters to attend this school helping to diversify the students of the campus. Many of the different professors have docrorate degrees in their fields of study. This allows them to give you a more personal experience about the job market student will soon be entering.


The best thing about our school is the free stuff and the fact that there is a chik fil a on campus. The free stuff really is not free it is included in the cost of tuition, but it is still a nice thought that you are rewarded for going to school. The chik fil a usually has short lines which makes it easy to grab a quick bite on your 30 minute lunch break.


I think the best thing about SHSU is the amount of research study opportunities students have. It gives them access to not only people who work in the field they are studying to enter but gives them real work experience as well plus it's fun! The professors are more then willing to help you with any issue you have and can reccommend so many job opportunities to students, they truely want their students to succeed.


The best thing about Sam is the cost compared to the education you are receiving.


I consider the best thing to be the students. Most everyone is incredibly nice and proper. The professors know what they are teaching and the students are all intrigued and into their fields. You can not have a campus with out students and the students are the focus of any university and the future.


The best thing about my school is that the environment is great for learning and studying. And the environment is great because the students create an academic atmosphere by taking their studies seriously. I prefer to be in this academic environment because my peers and I both share the same dedication to furthering our careers by hard work and perseverance.


Sam Houston State University is a wonderful school that allows me to focus on my major. This school is known for its Criminal Justice program, which is why I chose it for my education. Through this wonderful oppurtunity of attending this school I will be able to fulfill my dream of being able to help other people.


Since the classes are not too big, you are morely likely to have a relationship with your professers.


I personally like the size of the campus area. It is a really comfortable zone, where nearly everyone can get a chance to know everyone. It is a real "homey" environment. You don't feel like your one out of a billion of students there, you actually feel like you have a place in school.


Same as my bragging answer, I absolutly adore how each student can express their selves openly and in many different and creative ways. I also enjoy how the school accommodates for our wide diverse of students and falculty. It helps us over come any stress that is generally associated with colleges, also I believe the world can use more creativity and imagination and be a lot more open.


The best thing about my school is the openness, yet compactness, of the campus and the safe feeling you get when you walk around, regardless of the time. Also, the friendliness and availablity that the professors make themselves available to their students is very efficient and helpful if you fall behind in class, have questions about grades, or even need their personal opinions.


The professors.


I love the people at my school. The professors, overall, tend to be really knowledgeable and very open if you need help. And your peers become to be some of your greatest advantages with study groups and tutoring. Everyone is so friendly and they do not judge you for what you wear or where you come from. I also like the fact that everyone shows that they are going through the same things you are with school and even relationships, so there is always someone to talk to.


Even if you are having a tuff time in a class, most of the time if you talk with your teacher and disscuss your concerns they will try their best to help you bring your grade up. This may mean extra work, tips on studying, study guide, or just a talk about what you need to improve on and how that can be made possible.


The best thing about my school is that all the Math professors are very helpful with real life experiences. Most of them have worked in a field and are now here to help teach that field to students. They really want us to learn and know how to do this stuff even after we leave the classroom.


The best thing about my school was that it always had plenty going on. No matter who you are there was always something for you to do, whether it be parties or clubs on campus or recreational outings. You could never say there was nothing to do.


Small campus


criminal justice


The atmosphere and the people


the surrounding environment, and the diversity.


The best thing about Sam Houston are the students who attend this school, everyone is very friendly and willing to help eachother.


The school is actually a large campus, but has a small feeling to it. The classes are more personal and you feel like you get to know everyone better.


The people are friendly, and the teachers really are there to help you succeed. The support on every level is phenomenal and there are people around every corner waiting to cheer you on and help you find your way.


It's relatively small, so getting to know your professors/classmates is easy.


Its so close to home.


This school really is supported by the town and community. The people that live here are always attending events, sports and arts. Everyone is really supportive of all the students here.


The campus itself is very beautiful. It has amazing landscaping. Plus it is a perfect size so that walking across campus never takes longer than 10 minutes.


The best thing about my school is the open door policy with professors. I never feel too embarrased or intimidated to walking into a professors' office to discuss a problem or situation.


I love the fact that everyone at Sam knows everyone. When you go to a school event there are always people to socialize with and opportunities to meet knew ones. I have never once felt out of place regardless if I am at a party, football game, or just working out. As well as the social aspect, professors who teach at smaller schools like Sam are more involved and you get to know them on a better level. You are an individual at Sam not just another number in the classroom.