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Samford is the epitome southern class structure. The major emphasis is on making sure that Travis and Trish emerge from college well prepared to perpetuate their parent's wealth, bigotry and hypocrisy, in that order.


Size, friendliness, beauty of campus, able to walk anywhere on campus. Not too many people; can get personal direction from professors


strong Christian base. God and religion are spoken about freely. You are considered an "odd ball" if you are not a believer in the Lord


I have really enjoyed going to Samford. It's located in a unique city and has a lot of opportunities. The reason Samford is unique is because it's a community all in itself (this can be a good or bad thing) but for the most part everyone gets along and also extremely friendly. Another great thing about Samford is that it's always changing and the administrative staff really does value student imput (so if you don't like something they'll do their best to change it).


To begin with I chose Samford for academic reasons, and that has held true. I have received an education that is second to none. My different personal opinions does not bother me, but instead it bothers the other students. As a result my social life as a whole is completely removed from any Samford related activities and because of that the experience has been good. Personally Samford is the place of my education and nothing else.


I would not recommend anyone to go to Samford honestly. It's not a real college experience there is no school pride there are never any activities or campus wide events going on and partys are a huge NO. And after my whole experience with the nursing school SAMFORD IS NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION AND MONEY. Plus, I have never had friendships fall apart as I have at Samford (a supposed christian school).


Samford is a great place to go if youre looking for a small-school experience and one with a genuine student body in a good part of the country!


I love Samford! It truly is my home away from home! Also, I went to Greece during Jan term this last year and had the most amazing time! Studying abroad is prob going to be one of the highlights of my college career!!


not enough time


Three pieces of advice. First, challenge yourself! Don't just take the classes you hear are easiest or which you find cutting-edge. Instead, take professors who, though fair, will challenge you, and by all means, work hard for them! I think you'll find the college experience a lot more rewarding. This goes for any college. Second, get involved! There are a number of great organizations on campus - from student publications like the Samford Crimson, to social justice organizations like Oxfam, to religious organizations like UCF, to political organizations like Samford Democrats (or Republicans). Finally, expand yourself! It could be very easy to go to Samford and hang around people just like you. Instead, make friends with someone from out of the country, and take professors who don't hold the same political or religious views as you. A little diversity never killed anyone. To the contrary, for a positive college experience, it's almost essential.