Samford University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I love my friends at Samford and I do enjoy the community I'm in. But, coming from a modest background and Samford attracting students who mostly come from a wealthy background, I personally tend to become annoyed with the general materialism seen in individuals and groups. I want to be aware of my surroundings and the people around me in the community who are hurting. It's not that Samford students don't recognize the hurting waif a mile down the road, it's just that we are stuck in a bubble and tend to worry about ourselves.

John David

Students readily conform to and operate from stereotypes regarding various student groups on campus, e.g. greeks vs. independents, athletes vs. non-athletes. While there is good humor to be found in making stereotypical jokes, it also prevents unity and socialization among the various student groups. The stereotyping prevents student groups from appreciating other student groups' impact on the community of Samford University.


After completing a full year at Samford, I have found that nothing negative can be said. The administration, faculty and staff try to make your Samford experience the best that it can possibly be. If you really want a valid answer, the Caf food does get overly repetitive so I advise prospective students to get creative in the dining hall.


The cost of tuition and the commute to get to school


Lack of school spirit for athletic events, although of the four years I was there it was improving


The lack of freedom they give students. Too strict on the little things such as visitation and alcohol.


There is nothing to do on the weekends.




There is not a ton of diversity on campus. For the most part it is an middle/upper-class, white, southern-baptist school. However, i do see changes that are taking place on the school to make it more diverse and accepting. And even with the lack of variety, I have never seen students treat other students unkindly b/c of race/ethnic background.


The worst things about my school include 1) the financial aid received by out of state students, and 2) the lack of a specific pre-medicine course curriculum. Academic advising, especially for science majors, could also be greatly improved.


If you live off campus as freshmen, Samford provides little to no support to you.


Dry Campus-not too big of a deal though.