San Francisco State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


SFSU is a very active school with many activities, making you feel comfortable and close to your friends, professors, food, and work.


SF State is a communter school.


SFSU has a very diverse community.


San Francisco State is a very open-minded school, with friendly students and professors always willing to help one another.


Small, tight community filled with open-minded, friendly, and encouraging people.


A creative yet unpretentious school with great teachers who, for the most part, care about the students and care about the subject matter of which they teach.


An open-minded artistic University that celebrates culture and enjoys multiple points of view.


My school is a conglomeration of the beautiful diversity that San Francisco has to offer.


A great place to meet new people and get a good education without the break-the-bank cost of higher Universities.


San Francisco State is a school that will not hold your hand through your education, but for students who are driven and self-motivating it can provide immeasurable opportunities for success.


San Francsico State is a diverse pool of people commonly set fourth for a common goal of education and success for their future.


SF State is a dynamic, big cultural melting pot that offers not just a quality education but a quality experience that you are bound to enjoy, with the school always being active in social or political affairs and with the school being so close to San Francisco, not only will you get a quality education but you will also be able to experience what the "City By The Bay" has to offer.


San Fransisco State has its own state of mind, and students carry that state of mind with them to accomplish more in the classroom and the world.


Big trees on a small campus with down to earth professors who want to share their knowledge with you in a friendly, open-minded and supportive environment surrounded by interested, diverse and excited students.


San Francisco State University is an extremely eco-friendly, liberal, and diverse campus emersed in a drug-related social culture that strays away from school spirit and academics.


A design college to help find your type of style in your design field ,also to get you ready for the real world and business aspect as well as artistic side too.


San Francisco State University is a very Liberal and Green Friendly enviorment where the proffessors are interesting and where it inspires to better myself.


My school, San Francisco State University, is a diversed campus littered with mother nature's most beautiful trees.


Although it appears to cater to a diverse student population, San Francisco State University personnel forces students to conform to a liberal identity.


San Francisco State University is a open minded atmosphere where you can freely speak your mind and have no fear to be who you are along with an intelligent edge, as the people there are diverse individuals with a unique sense of style and grace.


Wanna finish and make Lots $$$$$


This university is a good learning experience if you know who the good teachers are, have specific educational goals, and can advocate for yourself in a less than supportive atmosphere.


San Francisco State University is specializes in a diverse, laid back, but intense learning envirnment not only for the purposes of education, but also life in general.


A melting pot of diverse students all brought together based on the universal similiarities of education.


San Francisco State University is a public university on a beautiful campus home to around 30,000 students who are offered a wide variety of majors with classes taught by the professors themselves (not graduate students.)


I dont know yet.


SFSU is where everyone fits in.


This is my dream.


Very liberal and green.


This urban school is very friendly, academically lax and liberal, it also has a very large asian population.


San Francisco State is extremely culturally diverse, provides a wide variety of areas for study and has a huge campus population.


SFSU provides a rich and rewarding education in a diverse city.


This school doesn't get it.


A friendly person with interested in learning new things in life.


My school has a diverse liberal population, which makes learning a lot more interesting, because most students are not held down by commom misperceptions that plague society nowadays.


Very diverse and accepting of everyones differences.


very large, administratively incapable, urban, good health center, ethnically diverse, environmentally conscious, not academically challenging.


My school is a free spirited commute school.


Diverse school that focases on career development of mostly middle class students and professors.


A very diverse, large university with a friendly student body; a good place for those who want an fairly even balance of social life and academics.


Very liberal and slightly crowded.


SFSU is a diverse school, with a lot of academic and career possiblilites; it is in an amazing city that provides a lot of opportunities for jobs and recreation.


An enviting campus that is both interesting to look at and walk through


School spirit is almost non existant. You will be anonymous here unless you join some sort of club or organization. Almost everything is impacted, especially the art department and nursing program.


SFSU is an enviornment in which figuring out your life's mission can be extreme and challenging in a way that lightens your soul and opens your eyes.


This is a laid back campus, with nice scenery, good teachers for the most part, and plenty to do for fun.


overpopulated and crowded


My school is a commuter school, but the theatre department makes a huge effort to keep students together.


It is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities, fashion styles and cultures.


over populated, lacking classes, low budget, teachers fired