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There is so much culture, and it is so close! For example, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is quite nearby. This museum is pretty great in that it was the first museum to recognize photography as an art form, and therefore the fifth floor is dedicated to photography.


The diversity of the school is tremendously unique. You will not find that elsewhere, not even in the public high schools in San Francisco.


Being in the city of San Francisco allows students to be able to reach the other side of the city within a short period of time even by bus. Everything is compact and San Francisco has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlight, entertainment, art, etc. The attitudes of San Franciscans are friendly and open-minded which makes creating friends easier.


The location. San Francisco is unique in its own right. The school is close to downtown but also close to the get the best of both worlds.


At San Francisco State University, there are hardly and fraternaties and sororities, meaning that students hardly ever feel denied or are excluded from any group they wish to participate in and the school is much more unified and open to people. All over the quad there are tables and groups set up welcoming new members and speaking with anyone who who wishes to learn something new and/or meet new people.


My school recently opened their newly renovated library. The library has served as a great community for students. Coffee and food is available at the corridor of the library. The library offers computer rentals and is open 24hr for students. This new library gives to a safe place to study and mingle with other students. I am very proud of our new library.


The thing that makes San Francisco State stand out in front of other schools is the setting that it’s in. It’s cold and foggy summers and warmer than usual winters will make you fall in love with not only the school but also the city. SFSU has a great variety of majors and minors to offer and the school makes sure that the students only pursue their careers in the fields that they enjoy and have the greatest interest in. This school will train you for a successful life after college.


San Francisco State University is unique in the fact that there is no strong greek life, it has some of the strangest people i've ever met, and everyone is extremely nice and friendly. Also, it is in a big city unlike any other schools, and six hours away from my parents.


One of the things that makes San Francisco State University unique is all things there are to do in the area. Being located in a city has its perks. There are great museums, restaurants, bars and clubs. There are also always events going on such as festivals, sports events and concerts. Despite being in a city there are a lot of outdoor opportunities as well. The campus is located right next to Lake Merced with walking trails all around it. Ocean Beach and Golden Gate park are also only a short bus ride away.


The layout of theSan Francisco State is very unique and you get the feeling of nature as you walk through campus. My school is very diversed with students and has a gret atmosphere.


I like that it is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Close to transit and a short drive from where I live...


As a native, I have been exposed to the diverse set of people and backgrounds to the city life. Though academics are a significant factor in my decision to attend SFSU, I believe that living in San Francisco, in itself, is a remarkable experience, one that has helped me to grow as a person. San Franciscans embrace diversity, and even celebrate it. I admire the people, the atmosphere, and the history that comprise the beautiful city. San Francisco is rich in its culture.




There is so much diversity with all the people who go here. There is also a different vibe to this school that many other schools i applied to and visited didn't have. Many other schools I considered seemed nice and welcoming but my school seemed more than just welcoming. It seemed like everything i could want for my higher education.


The ethnic studies department, as well as the size of the campus.


Whats unique about SF State compared to other schools I considered is that the location is so intiled with my major which is history.


San Francisco State University has an extraordinary school of music . Focusing on making many musical art forms come alive through media, and performance many music students come from around the world to participate in its unique programs. Many great artist such as Jazz Saxophonist Brandton Marcellas have been honorary music instructors.


Our school is very green and liberal. I believe anyone could fit in on this campus, unless you express extremely conservative views.


A unique thing about my school is the diversity. I see so many different people on a daily basis. Although it helps that we are in a very dense and diverse city.


Personally, I'm not too crazy bout SFSU. I'm most likely going to transfer. It's a great school but it's not for me. If you want a big school with tons of school spirit and tougher academics, SFSU is not for you. The school is small so class sizes are smaller, which is nice, but I feel like I'm going to a community college not a 4-year-university.


San Fransisco Unviersity is known as the creative spark of the city, they offer many strong majors, and many artistic programs. The location of the campus allows students to explore the happening city. There is always something happening in San Francisco, from all of the events to the protests that occur. Living in the city one is embedded into the many cultures of the city. The diversity of the school definitely attracted me to the university and all of the opportunities for jobs/internships that I will seek in my future.


San Francisco State University is a very liberal school where people feel that they have a voice that can be heard if people group together with similar values. There is not much of a competitive attitude towards academics, but people are willing to openly share their ideas and oppinions in and outside of the classroom which can be helpful.


I know that my school is very different from others in which diversity is abundant. I enjoy that all types of religion, ethnicities and sexual orientations are embraced and accepted. Although some of our differences I may not agree with it is the fact that SFSU does not judge and makes all feel welcomed. Other schools usually have one set of race which makes it feel uncomfortable, therefore SFSU does well in creating a welcoming environment to whoever wants to be there.


There's a lot of history to this school. This school is known to being very politcally involved, in that students would act on what they believe is right.


SFSU is very ethiclly diverse, much like the city it is in. Also, it is in a large city compared to the other colleges I looked at which were in smaller cities.


This school is located in one of the most intriguing cities in the world. The campus is like its own oasis within a very urban city. The layout is great with lots of green lawns. It is not very big, so you can walk to any class you may have in less than ten minutes.


good research data base. friendly students and stuffs. good learning environment.


SFSU is very diverse and filled with open-minded people who have been trained well (by professors especially) to think critically on an array of subjects. Unlike other areas of the US, San Francisco has so much to offer; spending years there is not enough to find all the charms within this city. SFSU is truly unique and sets itself apart from other schools because of the passionate students and professors whom are there not only to focus on a career and "money-making" degree, but to find their true love in life.


Very liberal open-minded campus, quite racially diverse.


San Francisco is a unique city in and of itself. Moving to this city has allowed me to be more open minded and welcome others differences to my life. This campus is lively and involved with what it has to offer. I feel that, although it is small, each department expresses its passion my sharing it with the entire campus. For example, there are always events or performances occuring in the quad area. It is not revolved around parties, frat/sorority houses, rather around making students aware of their world. For example, the many protests, newsletters etc.


I love how the university has a feeling of such high enthusiasm. The feelings and attitutdes of the different students are so welcoming to everyone it just feels like home there.


It will be unique for me to get out of JR college & go to SF State because my son will also be going at the same time. I began going to JR college when I was working full time , a single mother. I am glad that I did this so that my son could see that education is important. I also feel that San Francisco State will be unique in that it is centrally located in an urban area that is also full of opportunities for students such as work study, extension courses & a cooperative system w/ other learning institutions.


San Francisco State University is a very diverse school that challenges me in every way possible. It has taught me how to learn on my own, research and make full use of various resources in order to improve my learning techniques and expand my learning fields. It provides us with enough information to be able to choose a career that bests fits us, and despite all the financial difficulties that the school has gone through, professors are very available, willing and helpful.


San Francisco State University has a very diverse group of students, including its faculty. The professors are very down to Earth and accessible. Extracurricular activities such as student organizing, musical activities, and volunteer work is abundant at this campus. The overall scenery and environment makes this schoo, SFSU, very unique. It also has a deep respectable history; SFSU has a record for holding the longest student strike in American history, which took place in 1968. Because of this strike, also known as the Third World Liberation Front, SFSU is one of a kind.


Personally, my reason for even going to this school was because of it's proximity to San Francisco, it's a very fun city, and a great environment to thrive in socially.


The diversity - academically and culturally.


It's in San Francisco.


I only considered a private art school in addition to San Francisco State. I was attracted to the wide-ranging education that I knew I would be missing at an all art related school. The campus was large and the tuition was microscopic in comparison to the private school. The Cinema Department also attracted me, and it was the only State school that provided one. Being located in San Francisco was also a good motivation, however I wasn't all too attracted to moving to the part of town in which SFSU is located.


It is very diverse and people are open to all sorts of ideas. The campus is small enough to bump into familiar faces but big enough to not feel crowded


i would say the tutor programs


Lots of liberal thinkers. Compared to other schools? It's cheap. Incredibly affordable. That's why I'm here.


it allows us to be whoever we are. it is so diverse and so much to do. it is lively and has so many events. it has an ethnic studies college, the only cal state that has it.


It's very open and accepting to people of all backgrounds. It has a lot to offer, in terms of accomidating individual needs of prefrences.


- Liberal! - Diverse! - Foggy - Hip


It doesn't have a football team, yet we're still spirited


very diverseq


The location of my school was essentially the deciding factor. I wanted to be in a city, where I wouldn't be isolated on my campus, but also where I would be able to continue auditioning for parts outside of school plays or films.


It provides a very urban setting and access to companies seeking new employees.


We are a colection of diverse and educated students who want a better life for ourselves and our families.


There is everything under the sun at my school including race, ethnic identity, clubs, events, etc.