San Francisco State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are best know for out biology, psychology, and BECA departments.


San Francisco State is best known for their strong communities among different programs of study. As a student at this school felt that no matter what major any student studied there was a stable and vibrant academic community that surrounded it.


This school is best known to be diverse.


It's popularity and location, San Francisco.


For being open in regards to sexuality and gender. Our sexuality department is top notch.


San Francisco State is well known for it's diversity in students as well as subject matter. The school offers classes not available in any other school and is original in developing an ethnic studies department as a field of study. The campus is located in the very diverse city of San Francisco and is home to students from many different places. They have an extensive array of degree choices in the field of art and humanities.


My school is known for its film, fashion, nursing, and business programs.


I am a freshman here at SFSU currently enrolled as a cinema major. This school is known to have an excellent film program. It is actually ranked as one of the top film schools in the nation. Actually, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas have both donated a lot of equipment and money to the SFSU cinema department to keep the facilities and all the equipment up-to-date.


Other than trying its best to go Green, it is best known for its unique culture, and that is is also a very liberal school. If you're not already learning from within your major's department, you can learn alot from just being on campus.


San Francisco State offers a variety of majors to choose from; many of which were not avaliable at my community college. It's a great school for undergraduate work but SF State is probably most known for their Film School and perhaps their Law department.


San Francisco State is primarily a commuter school, and many of the students are coming from a wide geographical range. It's in an urban setting with easy access to downtown San Francisco. It is probably best known for providing a good education at a good price and is also highly representative of the diverse population that The San Francisco Bay Area is famous for. If you're willing to take weekend trips, it's a great affordable school to attend so that you can go to Lake Tahoe, or Santa Cruz etc.


It is best known for its artsey aspect, but also for the nursing progam and high diversity rate. The location is also wonderful, lets face it San Francisco is a place where something new happens every day.


My school is best known for its Broadcasting facilities and its liberal views on society.


The Nursing program and the Hospitality management major.


San Francisco State is best known for their Ethnic Studies department. It's the only university where there is a college of Ethnic Studies. It is also known for the 1968 student strike, which resulted in the establishment of the college of Ethnic Studies


A very opinionated student body and the performing/visual arts and business programs. There are at least a two protests per month about budget cuts/fee hikes and it often draws media attention.


Their wonderful writing department.


SF State is the first school to ever have a college of Ethnic Studies.


It's known for the city its in, San Francisco is epic and full of California history.


Having students from all over the world. We have many students that travel abroad to San Francisco State University.




My school might be best known for its political and environmental activism, going back to the 1960's, as well as its diversity of both people and opinions and its intellectual tendencies.


San Francisco State is known the rich culture surrounding the university and vast variety of ethnic diversity. There is a very open and accepting atmosphere on campus that allows students to thrive and feel comfortable in. There is always something new and exciting going on either on campus or in the city, which is only a buss ride away. The underground music scene and cosmopolitan way of life was the reason I chose San Francisco State and it is also the reason why I want to continue my higher education here despite how expensive it is.


San Francisco State is known for being an ethnically diverse campus, but this college also stresses being different in other ways. The students and faculty really emphasize the fact that it's okay to be different, whether it's your race, sexuality, or interests that set you apart. For example, there is a varitety of clubs for those who are gay, bisexual, asian, african-american, chicano, etc. Throughout the year there are events to educate students about different cultures and sexual perspectives, as well as performances like cultural dances. Overall, there are many outlets available for students to express themselves.


My school is best known for the most diverse campus in the country. The professors are friendly and open to variety of points of view. Many of them are always accessible and understanding. They try their best to help students both in terms of academic and communual aspects by being flexible about school works and providing students useful information that assists students to become successful in college. Furthermore, students are friendly and seem to get along well with one another.


My school is best known for it's Bussiness, Beca, Cinema, Nursing, and Psychology programs. It is also known for having a large diversity of majors and classes to choose from. San Francisco State University is listed as having one of the nation's top film schools. San Francisco State University is the first and only university in the United States to house a College of Ethnic Studies. The student and faculty diversity at San Francisco State University is unmatched.


The location, for the city it is in, San Francisco.


San Franciscio State University is known for its diverse and open-minded campus. S.F.S.U. was the first in its kind to have a department devoting to the ethnic studies.


are school is know for the strike of 1960 were many different organization came together to form TWLF (third world liberation front) to have a common goal which is fighting for what they believe is right, the ability to learn about their history from their own persepective.


Being in San Francisco...


Kinesiology program and its partnership with UCSF, business program


This school is known best for its high rate of graduate students employement after graduating.


drugs and hippies




My school is definitely best known as being one of the more liberal, progressive-minded universities in the country.


It's environmental majors and its human sexuality major; very liberal, strong in performing arts and fine arts


Like I said before, being one of the most diverse colleges in the United States.


Having open minded people and a wide diversity of people all over the world.




This campus is mostly known for it's strong ties to the surrounding communities of San Francisco.


My school is best know for its diversity liberal mentality.


An open and inviting community of very diverse and academic people

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