San Francisco State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to brag about the fact that SFSU is in one of the most vibrant, exciting cities in the world. There is always something exciting to do like a city-wide pillow fight or music festivals. I am able to soak up the different cultures that have shaped the city. If I'm ever bored, I can just step out into the city and experience something new.


The well informed professors and great students.


I don't, I try to avoid telling people where I go to school.


There is a lot of diversity on campus and there are a variety of clubs and organization that can practically fit any one persons. A lot of the students are friendly as everyone is trying to build their network in college. The professors are always willing to help a prospective student and they are well-educated in the field they are teaching. There is different cultures of food and they all taste fantastic. The food is also inexpensive and affordable for a college student on a budget.


The wide selection of science classes.


Very green campus, lots of pretty foliage throughout the campus. The campus itself is extremely diverse, you hear all sorts of languages being spoken as you walk through. Everyone I've come into contact with, including professors, have been extremely friendly and helpful.


I come from a small town in Iowa. It is very boring there. Therefore, the main thing I brag about when telling my friends about my school is that it is in the fantastically foggy city of San Francisco! There is always fun things to do like wandering the city to going out with friends. Sure it is not always sunny and warm, but I love it for what it is.


The amazing professors, perhaps it's just my good luck, but all the professers I've had are not only engaging, but unique interesting people who are funny to boot. The familiarity they can bring between students even in classes that look like auditoriums mixed with the general friendliness of all the other students is what I love most about SFSU. Also- in a city that's so grey we have an incredibly green campus; there are trees and plants everywhere!


The quality of education is amazing. The classes are very challenging, but do-able. All of my teachers were knowledgable and most were passionate about the subjects they teach. I was always welcomed during office hours and my questions answered. My professors were happy I came to visit them; I never felt like I was bothering them. Other than that, I felt the textbook prices were reasonable. Sometimes teachers have a workbook for less than 10 dollars. On top of that, the bookstore offers a textbook rental program where you can return the books at the end of the semester.


I brag about its diversity and its easy-going environment.


I usually tell people that I have the most beautiful school. It's really nice to be there because of all of the plants, flowers, trees, buildings, ect. It's the best thing about my school which makes me really proud to be a part of it.


When I tell friends about my school I mostly brag about the transportation. The transportation is very convenient for students--especially for those without cars-- to get around San Francisco. It gives students the chance to explore the city at a very low price. I also brag about the location of the school. Close by is a mall, bookstore, grocery store, and other places that a student would find helpful while attending college.


The best thing about SF State is the location, San Francisco is in the heart of Northern California. One of the most vibrant and popular cities in the world, a range of ideas, opinions and resources converge at San Francisco State University to offer students unparralled oppurtunities for learning, exploration, creativity and discovery. I love the diversity that I'm surrounded by on campus. I come from a small upper-middle class town in the suburbs where the majority of its residence are caucasion so it was a breath of fresh air to see a variety of different races.


My school is in a nice setting, next to the city of San Francisco. There are a lot of fun things to do in the city. My school has a variety of food and is sensitive to all kinds of eating preferences. Throughout the campus there is not one trash can that doesn't have recycling bins next to them. The campus has computer labs in almost every building for students to use. There is a building where commuting information is available and bus passes can be purchased. There's a free shuttle from Bart to the campus.


We have great professors,and its fun!


Free shuttle, a fun and laid back yet competitive school.


There is alot to do on campus. The student center has interesting programs, housing puts on informational and entertaining events.


That is in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


That its in San Francisco. In this town everyone wants out and San Francisco is big for us.


The weather and the green environment.


Honestly, I tend to brag about the cost of living the most. I love to watch my friends back in Illinois react what I tell them that I pay $500 a month to rent out part of a living room or that I have 6 roommates. Their looks of utter shock are priceless.


its near the ocean and parks


How liberal the campus and teachers are. How friendly people are and how laid back everything is.


It's really liberal and concerned with positive ideals.


How many different people live in the city and go to the school, and how accepting mos of the people are.


Nope. I'm a little let down, but then again, I never really had high expectations anyway. I'm here to get a degree, not a seal of approval or old boy network.


I don't brag about my school. We have no outstanding sports teams or anything really worth bragging about to people. I don't really brag in General.


I brag about the nice and cold weather, the warm feeling the campus provides, and all of my friends that are there for me. I talk about the different activities that go on at the campus that I sometimes attend, and how easy the public transportation is.


My school is really diverse and accepting of other people. Everyone there is working toward a goal, and everyone supports each other and helps each other out whenever possible. The campus is beautiful, and just the right size.


I often brag about the diversity of my friends. I have some really weird teachers, who know their stuff though. I have some really weird friends. It's like a big meltng pot of cultures and styles that accept one another. I also like to brag about the art department, it's amazing!


How amazing the school life is and how I would never want to go anywhere else because the people are awesome and the teachers are the best.


the shitty weather




How many friends I made


That I live in the beautiful city of San Francisco. There is always something to do if its from studying on campus or taking bart to the city. I also love how I live in such a historic city.

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