San Francisco State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the acceptance of people is one of the largest positives of the campus. Everyone loves everyone and there is no discrimination against anyone on campus and it is a beautiful thing. We all co-exist really well.


I love how accepting the environment of my school is. It doesn't matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else that makes people unique, everyone is given the same opportunites and cordiality as everyone else.


The best thing about my school is the student body being so spirited and outgoing. There's always something going on, some campus or student event. There's always something to do.


The diversity.


The new library, nice but sort of a waste of money since they can't afford to pay the teachers.


At San Francisco State University there is an extremely wide variety of classes that are available to its students. As a Freshman or Sophomore, there are many classes that can fulfill each general education requirement, many of which are extremely fun, interesting, and different than the normal style of learning. This provides more choices for students with different learning styles and gives everybody equal opportunities to be successful and learn in their own prefered setting and style.


Diversity is the best thing.


My favorite thing about this school is the fact that it promotes a great amount of creative paths, such as music, theater, and art, which are accessible even if you are not in that major. This allows for a great balance in life when dealing with intensive majors such as engineering.


The campus is beautiful. Even if you weren't taking any classes, I suggest walking around anyway. Another great thing about the school, if the diversity. Being that the school is in San Francisco, you get the taste of how unique everything is, and everyone around you. Also the best thing is, if you have time to get out of the city, you are in the heart of the Bay Area, which is a great area to meet new people, and try new things.


SFSU is a place of diversity and acceptance. The abundance of majors and helpful professors from a variety of backgrounds come together to truly provide an empowering experience--if you work hard! It is wonderful to walk around campus and see and meet people from everywhere across the globe. With over 200 student organizations, study abroad and exchange programs with almost 20 countries, and school festivals and activism, SFSU is a place I feel that is creating future leaders by working together and overcoming any differences the people of the world may have.


This school is ver diversed and very lively


I consider the ethnic studies classes at San Francisco State University to be the best thing at my school. I really enjoy taking these classes because it gives a different perspective of the usual history we learn in highshool textbooks. SF state is the first school to have an ethnic studies program and students and prospective students should take advantage of them and take a class on the various subjects from Asian American Culture to La Raza Culture to American Indians. There are so many classes to meet anyone's interest from mass media to policics in ethnic studies.


There is a great diversity on campus. Theres are many activies for students to participate in.


The best thing about my school is that it's a very diverese school with a ton of great programs. The students, staff, and faculty here are friendly, making it a great environment to be in. They're willing to lend a hand and help in any way they can. The atmosphere is not competitive, instead it's more cooperative. Therefore, you don't feel like you're trying to compete with many other students. There are people from all walks of life coming here with goal in mind to be part of a big family.


A lot of people say that San Francisco State University lacks campus life since it is considered to be a commuter school. I believe that it all depends on how involved one gets in their school. I personally am in a sorority at SFSU and I'm loving every minute of it. I feel that the appeal of the school is in the fact that it is located in one of the greatest cities in the world. Going to school here and having the city at my feet has made my college experience everything that I want it to be.


The best thing about my school would have to be the support the professors give to their students. Whether it's personal advice on how to pass the class or their efforts to inspire and encourage students to continue and fight for their education.


The best thing about my school is the effort teachers (or at least most teachers i have had) are putting in. Many of my teachers, i have become friends with, and want me to succeed in life after college.


The best part about san fransisco state is its location to the big city: its close enough to feel city life but still has the small town feel of daly city.


I consider the best thing about San Francisco State University to be its level of diversity among students. There are so many different people and you can learn a lot about the differences in cultures. Its fun to meet new people who you can talk to and share experiences with; people who are embarking on the same overall journey as you are.


The best thing about my school is probably the diversity. Its hard to feel out of place here, unless you're a republican. This is good because it brings a lot of different perspectives to any subject you study, rather than just the one of the majority.


I really like the learning environment. I'm able to concentrate in class and able to study well. There's a good balance between learning and your social environment. It's easy to make friends in a classroom.


The best ting about my school are the people, the city it is in, and the atmosphere. Everyone is open minded and fun and optimistic despite the hard times. Everyone is nice and welcoming.


The best thing about my school is the level of energy students provide here. This school is not like any other campus I visited in the past. The people are nice and respectful. Every one is open minded. Although every one is competitive, they have strong support for the school. For example, budget cuts have affected our school and what students do is fight back by evoking strikes. We also support smaller communities and try to raise money to fund other communities in need. Overall, the best thing to me is the helping and positive vibe every one gives off


I consider the sense of community between students and professors very strong because whenever their are complications that are occuring on campus (budget cuts, religious evangelists, etc.), the support and family mentality that is established between students and teachers is very admirable.


The best thing about my shcool is definitely the diversity of the students and the rich history that started the whole revolution in the quality of education for minorities which began here with 1969 strike known as the Third World Liberation Front.


the best thing abouy my school is the ability to have transportation for those who have to commute.




My school is very diverse and most people i met are very fun and helpful.


The best thing about SFSU is how artist everyone is. You are able to be who you are and you don't have to worry about feeling out of place. You can dress as crazy as you want and know that someone will be dressed crazier than you.


At San Francisco State University, you are not only getting an amazing education from professors who truly love to teach, but you are also getting an intersting experience. SF State is a university dedicated to social justice; this is demonstrated through classes offered, multi-cultural events on campus, and the student body. I have sat in many of my classes and known that only at SF State would I receive this type of education. When I graduate I will be not only ready to continue onto graudate school, but also I will be a better person.


The best thing about my school is the amount of oppurtunities available for students to participate in. There are a variety of clubs, sororities, sports, and events to get involved in, and getting involved at school is a great way to meet people. It's easy to find a group or club where the members have at least one common interest. For example, I recently joined the water polo club and play with other students a couple nights a week, and other students I know are members of ethnic clubs or groups that involve a common interest, like voulunteering.


In my experience, the faculty at San Francisco State University was very helpful and concerned with my success. Many of my professors went out of their way to provide learning opportunities and to give me the support I needed. On several occasions, my professors helped me to find internships or other real world applications of my classes.


The fraternities and sororities. They help in all aspects of school, from accademics, social life, friendships, and even make great lifelong friends.


the focus on succeeding in life


I think the best thing about our campus is the overall feel of the campus, you never feel disconnected or lost, you feel like you can actually find your way around, and you always run into someone you know. Plus our Ethnic Studies department.


The diversity is the best thing about SF State becuase it allows students the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of types of people and learn from them as well as their professors.


diversity and courses offered


the student relationships with their faculty/advisors student relations..everyone is happy to help one another student resources


The fact that its in San Francisco


The best part about my school is that there is always something to do. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and still can find mutual interests.


It is easily accessable from all neighborhoods of San Francisco. That way, I am not forced to live on or next to campus where there are no jobs and do not need to have a car.


I guess there's two sides to every story, althought SF State is an urban campus with its downturns. Being a city campus also has it's advantages ,due to it's proximity to great cultural centers, and it's exposure to a diverse group that populates the city, making san francisco state a very rich experience.


As with life, the real education is acheived by exposing yourself to an environment of diversity. Rich with multiformity, my school proudly welcomes a wide demographic of students and teachers. What has been most rewarding is the collective knowledge and experiences that the students share with one another. Instead of a staunch environment of conformity, my school provides the intellectual stimulation of wide-ranging perspectives and opinions. The nature of this environment has given me an invaluable education - with the school of academia in junction with the school of life, I have learned things that I wouldn't have elsewhere.


The best thing about my school is it's location. It is in San Francisco right where most of the students will find jobs after they graduate. I also love that all my professors have had proffessional experience in their area so it is easier to respect them and listen to their advice on the real world.


I consider the immense amount of diversity the best thing about the school I attend. I believe that in the field of study that I am in, hospitality management, diverstiy is something that I will always encounter. So this school was the perfect choice, not to mention San Francisco is one of the most popular destination points in the world.


The best thing about San Francisco State University is the location. It is right in the middle of one of the most diverse, culturally rich cities in the world, and while the campus itself may not be the most social or exciting, there are no shortage of activities, events, and sights in the surrounding city of San Francisco. There are all kinds of museums, galleries, theatres, restaurants, performances, readings, and more that can expose one to all kinds of cultures, views, histories, and experiences, as well as enrich one's learning experience at SF State.


The best thing about this school is the diversity. I'm not only talking about the diversity of the student population, which I LOVE that we have, but the diverse selection of academic courses. There are so many different courses you can take that when you leave San Francisco State University, you'll not only be filled with knowledge of your choosen major but also come out a well rounded, cultured individual, with a new outlook to different views and cultures.


My school is widely known for the large polulation of ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural diversities. These attribute is particularly good for me, because my race is a minority in this country. From the classroom to offices to outdoors on campus any day, all you will find is people from differrent backgrounds. Moreover, I think that my school is one of the schools in california that provides 24 hrs computer lab and study room for students. These kinds of resourses are very helpful to students in respect to the school workload.


Mandeep Sethi's verse, on stage with Killah Priest of Wu-Tang/Sunz of Man. Free Palestine!


This is footage from a protest of military recruiters at San Francisco State University.

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