San Francisco State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


One of the most popular student activities is the M.E.Ch.A club. They integrate our community in their activities and provide services. They also want students to gain awareness of upcoming protests and school related events.


The most popular student activities/groups have to be sports, cultural, film, music, religion, and business.


I play club water polo and my team is wonderful. It's co-ed and everyone is welcome! The performing arts programs here at State are cool. I saw a Kabuki demonstration and it was totally awesome. 2 AM on a Tuesday (for most) means either doing a last minute paper, like I usually do, or partying. The school isn't big on partying but the kids there do love to party. There are many parties in the neighborhood next-door to State, Parkmerced, but they get shut down pretty early. Lovefest, the music festival, is a big deal.


Famous flag stomping incident has lead to national media coverage for the College Republicans


SFSU College Republicans Promo Video


San Francisco students and faculty assist small businesses, work with the mayor's office on a homeless initiative.


You can go bowling on a saturday night at a place with disco or black lighting so it is not your typical alley. I think just having out with friends at someone's house, if they have a pool table. You can go to club and just dance, not hit the bar scene. More people go to athletic events only if they directly know someone on the team.


I'm in ASO. As I mentioned before we are definitely more focused on connecting with the professional world than the environment life on campus.


Our school is located in San Francisco so you automatically expect to have a diverse set of students. I love the fact that we are in the hub of such a diverse area and that there are so many things to do and explore. We have beaches nearby and museums and parks and shopping and nightlife. You are never bored no matter what time of day.


i did not live in the dorms so I do not know how they operate but in terms of clubs and such. there are plenty. As you walk through the center of the school (the quads) you will always see activist trying to get you to sign some sort of petition, you will see political clubs, or clubs just for fun outside holding events of some sort. SFSU is in the city and there is always something to do. You don't have to drink to have fun, there are salsa bars and things that are always open.