San Francisco State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Again, I will answer about my previous school which was a local JC. The worse thing I would have to say is having to work while attending, its very difficult but it was needed for me, my parents arent in a position to help me much financially. Besides that, school is what you make of it, its hard work, lots of homework, thats probably the worst part, but Im sure most students would say that. Spend your time wisely, if you fall behind then it can get really bad.


I expected a little more interaction with people and a better support system from the school for the Students. More interaction in a sense where the school could have done a better job to inform and reach out with the Students to make it a more sociable and fun atmosphere. As well as a support system where they should have compassionate workers who wants to educate the students for the right reasons, where the school have alumni's and possible company outreach to help future graduates get a job.


I don't have much to say about this, except that is quite far from my family-about a nine hour drive. It makes the time we have together seem quite valuable.


The non-stop druguse by most of the students here. Most students involve themselves with drugs to "feel free" or to have a good time. As someone who is not for drug use this makes it hard for me to study or have my own freedom at the school.


Not enough print stations.


The worst thing about San Francisco State is the lack of school spirit. School spirit can have a huge impact on the students outlook on the school, campus, and staff. Being very involved and feeling as though you are involved in school can make the world of difference. School spirit can be anything from clubs, sports games, etc. Being involved with the school and school spirit, I believe that students want to go to school, and want to do better in academics and also represent the school.


There is not one thing that I could describe as the "worst" thing particular to my school but the worst thing about education in general is the fact that there are less and less resources for schools due to increasing budget cuts.


The long lines for books and financial aid.


It's rather small and crowded with a lot of people.


The worst aspect of my school is the lack of motivation to succeed. There is no incentive for students to perform well at all. It is extremely frustrating to work extremely hard to recieve no reward and to see my friends fall behind in their grades because there is no reason to do well. The school does not seem to take academic achievement seriously and it bothers me very much because I want to attend a university that pushes me to do things I did not know I was capable of.


It's a state funded school and the state keeps cutting funding for schools, so programs keep getting cut back and teachers get let off and class availability lowers. This makes getting courses you want difficult and I can't start film school until junior year.


The school is old, with that, some things are just dying to be upgraded. Chairs, especially ones in lecture halls, desperately need to be upholstered and sometimes have questionable stains on them. Basically, the quality of some of the buildings needs to be upped.


I don't consider anything bad about this school, I enjoyed my time here and feel that I got a very adequate education for my time and money.


I don't think this school has anything that is so horrible. If anything maybe cafeteria food. But the staff and professors are great, everything is easily accessible if needed.


A counselor told me that the schools goal right now was to "move student through as quickly as possible" and I could therefore not pursue my desired double major.


There aren't enough essential major classes for students to take in order to graduate on time.


The huge classes (some with over 500 students).


The worst thing about my school would be the traffic, san francisco's traffic is horrible. The plus side, is the scenary in the city is beautiful and its worth everything once you get use to the fast pace.


The worst thing about San Francisco State University, and the Education system in California in general is the large amount of budget cuts, and fee increases that students have had to deal with. These budget cuts and fee increases have affected students in various ways such as: delaying graduation time, classes being cut from the class schedule, faculty cuts and restraints, and has also forced students to drop out of school due to financial reasons. This causes additional stress for students who are trying to earn a well deserved education for a better future.


The worest thing was having a crowded classroom and waiting to be add and a lot of people have to wait and sit on the floor.


The worst thing about San Francisco State University that I have discovered as a first time student is that their Financial aid allotment is too low for low income students trying to go to school there. Students who choose to live in University Housing often have take out loans or get a job in order support themselves while attending San Francisco State University. Many poor students are suffering tremendously because after they pay for tuition they don't have enough money to pay for personal expenses like food and rent.


Tuition, because it's realy expensive and me as a first generation in college student and as a low income student cann't afford that much money.


I really like being at SFSU because I get all the help I need and get clarification on anything. It is not as bad as what I thought about college, like be really difficult. I am actually able to manage time. I am also able to get all the help I need basically anywhere on campus, which I really like a lot.


Due to budget cuts, the amount of classes and time availabilty has decreased drastically causing your chances to get the classes you need to depend on survival of the fittest.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of opportunities for people to socialize on campus. Because of the lack of socialization, I think students at San Francisco State lack a sense of community, which causes many students to become lonely and depressed.


I am at the distance campus in Hancock, MI so we only have each class once a week for 2-4 hours. It makes it harder to learn the material and we also have a big bulk of homework that we have to hope we do right because we don't find out until the next class period. Also, the four hour classes are hard to concentrate in by the end of the period because they go until almost 10:00 at night.


Probably the worst thing about my school is the extremely cold weather the students have to deal with half of the time in a year! Since my school is in San Francisco, you get a lot of fog, rain and plain-out coldness, so layer up!


The school has poor communication with it's students. Normally if there is something I need to know about a class or campus I won't find out until the last minute.


Too Big


The worst thing about San Francisco State University at the moment is the horrid budget cut situation it and the entire CSU system is in right now. The budget cut situation has cut back on so many classes that it seems nearly impossible to graduate in four years. It has also increased many university fees, which essentially means students are paying more for less educational oppurtunities with all the classes that have been cut. Which have lead to countless furlough days for staff and students. The universtiy has also stopped accepting transfer students for the incoming spring semester.


At the moment we have no real library (it's under construction) making it difficult to carry out research or find a convient place to study.


The worst thing about San Francisco State University are the budget cuts. This university is one of the most effected unversities in all of California. As a result, thousands of classes has been cut, the tuition has been raised 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, and the four year college plan has slowly diminished. Since I am an undeclared freshman it makes it very difficult to chose a major when so many classes have been cut and many majors are impacted. I hope the university can be more helpful to their students who are undeclared and need assistance to finding their interests.


With the current budget cuts, classes have become more difficult to add. The professors cant help and neither can advisors. The problem lies with where the money from the government is being distributed (like to the remodeling of our perfectly already fine library) instead of hiring more educators.


As of last semester, the budget cuts have affected the quality of education in public universities such as San Francisco State University. The furlough program created a situation where the students must pay more money for less education which is unjust and unfair. Therefore, the total amount of school days has been reduced which then forces the students to cram a lot information in a short amount of time.


The worst thing about the school is the size of the classes. With the business program being impacted it's difficult to get any alone time with professors unless attending office hours.


The worst thing about San Francisco State University is that it is funded by the state. The current state of the economy has lead to budget cuts all across campus. Teachers are being force to take furlow days and thus reducing the amount of educations the students recieve. Tuition is also being raised at the same time. We are paying more and recieving less.


Lack of academic interest of the students and lack of funding.


The student population is too large for the campus. Its hard to get into classes because there are so many students and not enough professors.


I am in JR College & I find the organizational aspect of it leaves a lot to be desired. Ex: I asked the counselor to provide me w/ a copy of the graduation app. so I could see what was involved in filling it out since I am close to graduating. After 3 attempts w/ her, I told her that I would escalate the matter. I was then sent a letter from her supervisor telling me they were short staffed & that he expected me to "take a more central role in my education?. He could have sent me the document instead.


Due to the budget cuts in California, our university has been very negatively impacted. Classes have been cut, and most of us are not able to get into certain classes due to overcrowding or lack of choices. Not only that, but prices have skyrocketed, therefore many of us have chosen to attend part time to cut costs. It is very concerning and it has affected every single one of us. All these factors have led teachers to lose their assistants, conquently being less available to us, students.


Budget cuts and the the cut of classes. The class sizes.


The amount of students at San Francisco State Univeristy hinders access to classes and personal attention from professors. However, as a result of hard economic times the university has begun to limit the amount of students who are admitted each year. This new policy will most likely take many years to affect the availability of classes.


There are few things that I strongly dislike about my school, but one of them is the size of the classes. Sometimes the class size is so large that it is either difficult to get into desired classes or the size hinders my learning experience. In a big class, it is more difficult to make friends and communicate with the professors, but it is the nature of my school. Although there is variety in the sizes of classes offered, I feel that on the whole the classes offered tend to be on the larger end of things.


Other than the cost of living in the area, the worst thing about this school would have to be the parking situation, or rather, the lack thereof. I tend to have to park in a nearby mall and walk 15 mins to campus. The parking stucture is a ridiculous $5/day and semester parking passes are only given to Freshman.


The worst thing about my school is the recent state budget cuts. From this resulted a drastic cut of many classes with the same amount of students. Therefore, many students are struggling to obtain classes they desire, and even sometimes need to graduate. A lot of these classes were also ethnic studies classes, which SFSU thrives in for it is such a liberal school.


It's liberal, as in everyone supports the most leftist cause they can find and condemn everyone else, making them just a bunch of hypocrits.


too impacted.. effected by budget cuts to CSU' raised student fees/cut classes/let go of lecturers cant get classes i need to graduate b/c they are full even though this is my senior year (i should have prority)


when the semester start and people are crashing the class


class availability due to budget cuts, professor intelligence and teaching techniques.


Smoking on campus. No one enforces the no smoking policy and smoking in designated areas only. It makes me sick to sit in class and smell cigarette smoke coming in from the windows. Cigarette butts are everywhere and no one seems to care.