San Francisco State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at San Francisco State University? Is this stereotype accurate?


Many people say that people who attend SFSU are liberal atheists. It is totally not true. Each one of them are set with their own ideologies and beliefs. Their way of thinking is varies greatly depending on their experiences. I do have to admit that most of the people I have met here at very open minded and non-judgmental.


Well, San Francisco itself is known as the liberal and free city that it was during the 1960s. I guess it still upholds an essence of that. SF State is such a diverse group of students; you may see jocks or stoners and wants to peg us all that way but that simply won't be true. My school's legacy is bigger than itself and though it may not seem that way day-in and day-out attending, you have to know its true. Students here caused uproar in the Third World strike to create a new curriculum. We are an ever-evolving group of students that won't cease to make every day interesting and new.


Students are typically laid back/chill. Most students do what they have to do to get by in their classes, not necessarily high in academics. Due to the budget cuts to the state university, teachers care less about their students, which in turn lowers the student morale and gives this negative academic energy.