San Francisco State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?




San Francisco State University has set a very fast paced environment for itself. A person that has set his or her goals and values the education would be a suitable match for this school. Attending this university a person will learn to be truly independent and enjoy life from a great point of view. This school offers many clubs and activities for its patrons and its welcoming faculty and staff help making new students feel at home. Coming into a school this big can be a little uncomfortable but the city in itself is too great to miss.


San Francisco State University is a great school for people with unique artisitic points of f view. The school has a wonderful arts program and is very close to downtown San Francisco, which is a haven for artists. The school is also very proud of the different sexual orientations that we have on campus and often find ways to celebrate our differences and special gifts in life. The school is extremely accepting to all people and is really great for people who need a place to finally fit in.


San Francisco State offers classes for any kind of person, but if you want to go to a crazy party school, don't go.


This city is extremely diverse especially this school, your bound to find someone like you with similar interest. If i had to give a specific description of who should attend, it would be someone who likes the city life and cold weather, someone who's interested in diversifying themselves. There is so much life and awesome things to do, its really a city for dreams.


The type of person who should attend this school should be someone who wants a college experience that can teach you more than what is taught in books. This school is for a person who is searching for acceptance in any aspect including ethnic/racial background, sexual orientation, religion, etc. while finding their identity along the way. This student must be open and willing to learn from a diverse demographic of faculty, students, and ideologies. Also, students interested in exploring social justice and how it affects daily lives within any career path should consider this school.


A forward-thinking, progressive individual who has the desire to pursue larger than average goals.


If you are planning to attend SF State, then make sure you bring a lot of jackets. It can get very cold here, especially when the fog comes in. With that aside, you should be a person who's open to meeting people from different countries. SF State has a lot of people from all over the world, but mainly with a huge Asian foreign student body. So if you want to know more about how life is, let's say in Japan, come to SF State and I guarantee you'll meet someone from Japan.


If you're the kind of person who enjoys a new adventure, has an open mind, a deep respect for humankind and interaction then San Francisco State is for you to explore and make your mark on. The opportunities are here.


Any person who would like to live in a beautiful city and attend to a highly educational institution.


Anyone can attend this SFSU. SFSU is not restricted to having one kind of people.


San Francisco State University is a commuter school so there is a wide variety of people that attend. There is a lot of green grass and large trees so anyone that enjoys sitting among nature should attend. Anyone who likes to explore should come here. There are lots of places to study, relax and eat that are in the back of buildings, behind a classroom door, down hallways and up and down stairs. I've been attending SFSU since 03/04 and I'm still discovering places that I had overlooked before.


I believe that San Francisco State University is a very diverse school, which anyone should attend it because it offers so many different types of majors that I didn't even know they had and there are so many welcoming students and faculty that attend this school.


Someone who likes diversity. Someone who is open to other cultures.


Serious students with the expectation of an invaluable education should attend SFSU.


artistic, emo, a person who is creative would really do well here. The school is very diverse but few in minorities but a lot different groups. On campus one always feels very comfortable to be individual. Fashion is fun on campus and there are so many events to attend!


I would widely recommend this school for people looking to get into the entertainment industry or anything involving the arts. San Francisco has so much to offer in these fields. The location of the university is fit for people who are generally calm and enjoy sudden sparks of excitement as there are always various events happening in the city.


Someone who is open to new ideas and opinions would most fit in at SFSU.


Based on my experience at San Francisco State University, I believe that people who are well rounded and diverse should attend this school. Because of the multiple ethnicities that this school has, there are a lot of activities, events, and other things to do that involves you communicating or interacting with international students. I also believe that people who accept and respect other cultures and customs should attend this school; there are tons of sorieties, fraternities, and clubs that reflect students who attend S.F. State University.


The type of person who should attend SF State should be anybody. The school is so diverse in its population and offers many different fields of study to students of all social and financial backgrounds. Public universities are a great way to save costs on higher education instead of attending private universities.


people want to meet many other students from different backgroud. enjoy the differnt diversities of the school.


Someone who is open to cultural diversity and cold weather!


The kind of person that should attend this school is anyone who is determined to fulfill their goals of having a better future. Anyone who dreams to further their education should attend this school because college is one step further into higher education from high school. Someone who has goals to live a good life with a well-paying job should attend this school because when you learn more and successfully pass all your required and major classes, the closer you get to being in the real world where you have to support yourself to survive this economic crisis.


a very laid back and go getter type of person


You should be trendy and expect easy courseload.


Someone who is casual in their way of life, dress and views. Someone who is open to all ways of thinking.


Some one who is looking for more of a city type environment and is open to others ideals


People that are open-minded and enjoy diversity




The type of person who should attend SFSU is an outgoing and liberal student. There are a lot of people who are "in your face" asking you to attend a function or sign a pettition and some people feel uncomfortable in those types of enviornments. They must be a laid back student who likes the city.


Someone fun, open minded, who wantA to succeed and is ready to learn should attend SFSU.


Someone who likes a small, compact commuter campus in an urban setting.


The kind of person that should attend this school is an open-friendly minded person.


Social and creative people. Someone open-minded, free spirited, and looking to meet interesting and new people. Someone who is passionate about what they do and wants experiences outside of the classroom.


liberal activists


People who won't mind others looking down on them for going to a state rather than a UC People who need to commute


An open-minded urban dweller, who enjoys the great outdoors but also city life. Anyone who loves the hecti nature of a bustling city but is also laid back in nature and can appreciate a diverse cultural experience.


The type of person that should attend this school are the people that have very liberal views. This school is very accepting of all aspects of sexuality, politics, and religion. It is a very socially accepting school. In addition it is a great school for people that dont quite know what they want to do. They offer a wide variety of courses, giving students a number of course choices to discover what they want to do.


A person who is not interested in Greek (soriorities/frats) or sports should go to this school. It is very liberal and non-religious, however, groups are available for conservatives and people of all religious beliefs. SFSU is one of few school that has an Ethnic Studies department.


open minded