San Francisco State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


How many students there are and how many of those students seemed to not care at all about their educations.


The lack of sports and school spirit. It seems as if no one at this school cares about sports or physical fitness (lifting weights or recreational lifting weights, just running). It is frustrating as a former collegiate baseball player to feel in a community when that is a big part of my life and the weightroom is beyond sub-par.


I wish there was more free parking spaces or at least parking passes that would make parking easier.


Right now getting classes that I actually need is the most frustrating thing about my school. It really annoys me that I have to pay more money to go to school for an education that I can't seem to get right.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be that there are not enough classes for students anymore. Students have to sit on teh groundduring lectures or they have to try to add classes because classes are severely over populated.


The most frustrating thing about my school is because of the budget cuts that have been occuring in the last couple of years, have made it more and more difficult to register for classes needed for majors, GE, and graduating requirements, which causes seniors to not graduate on time.


Since the budget cuts, it is very hard to get certain classes.


Generally it is not the school's fault, but with the California Budget Cuts, school is sometimes a difficult environment to have fun it. Many opprotunities that have been offered prior to the cuts are no longer available to the students. We pay more for less and it's very disheartening.


The library is currently under construction. That part of the campus is very noisy. Due to the library being under construction the library system is scattered throughout different buildings. For instance you borrow the book online and pick it up in a room in the humanities building. Most importantly, there are not much quiet places to study on campus because the library is under construction. Also, due to the budget cuts ther is a lack of availability of classes. As of now, most people will take more than four years to graduate.


The budget cuts. Because of the cuts there are frequent campus-wide and professor furlough days meaning a shorter school year. As classes are cut, tuition is raised and financial aid is slashed. It's upsetting to have to pay more for less of a college education, especially when it is so costly.


Some of the students show no real desire or commitment to bettering themselves or truly investing or contributing to the learning experience that is being afforded.


The most frustrating thing about dealing with school has always been having to find a way to pay for it.


The government budget cuts have resulted in the school cutting many of its classes, firing professors, less financial aid given, raised tuition, and mandatory days of no classes.


Not enough classes


It's primarily a commuter school so there's not a very strong sense of community and it's pretty hard to meet like-minded individuals. Because of this it's very easy to feel lonely despite being surrounded by thousands of people.


My school doesn't offer many of the classes that I need in order to fulfill my prerequisites for my major. There are only daily parking fees, rather than a semester permit. Tuition has increased tremendously.


Choosing the classes that i want is frustrating because of the budget cut situations. It has been cutting a lot of our classes, which causes students to not graduate on time and having flexible hours. There are also many furlough days off which there are campus and teachers furlough days. Thus making our classes move at a faster pace than before and sometimes skipping some of the curriculums/lesson plans.


As of now, due to the economic problems taking place within the country and the world, huge cutbacks and diverting resources: financially and faculty, to other places has made a big impact onto the students and teachers. Money and the resource related to it is the biggest frustrating thing in our campus for both teachers and students.


In my experience, the attitudes of students at San Francisco State University were extremely negative. My classmates were consistently dissatisfied with various aspects of the school, including school policies, tuition, and campus facilities. In addition, people often voiced their concerns about issues unrelated to the school, such as politics and personal beliefs. Strikes were very common and could be disruptive to the learning environment or even damaging to school property. This attitude translated to a low school spirit and lack of pride.


Budget cuts that don't allow students to get all the classes that they need in a given semester to graduate on time.


Getting the classes you need to not fall behind. It is also hard getting them at erasonable times sometimes ill have class until 10:00 pm and then have to walk home in the dark, but if its a class i really need, then I have to take it.


Sometimes the weather. Heh.


The comfort level in the classroom, being able to sit in a classroom comforatablly.


The fact that San Francisco State is an urban campus makes it a small, and condensed place to be. Especially that there is over thirty thousand students, with not enough outdoors areas so one can hang out and study. we have a poor library that is going to be shut down in a month for renovation, i guess that's a god thing for the library and future students. For current students though it's gonna be tough.


With the recent budget cuts, it is sometimes very difficult to get into all the classes that I need.


It seems to be too far from the center of the city


That everything is impacted! I can't take an art class or drama class unless I am a drama or art major! It's really frustrating sometimes.


It's difficult to make friends your first year here because most people have to travel here to get to school, and there's no real campus life.


Getting the classes you need is sometimes really hard.


The class sizes for my business classes are just too big. There are so many students that there is never room for much discussion or presentations and are only lecture oriented for that specific reason. Then they just become very dull and boring and its harder to learn that way.