San Joaquin Delta College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's big and small at the same time. I like the variety.


The best thing I feel about my school is the teachers! Each semster I have taken I have had great teachers. I took a GED program and my teacher was awsome. He really cared about making sure we understood what he was teaching us. Then I take a criminal justice course and my teacher would always give us examples, when he was giving us lectures, which I feel helped me remember alot of stuff.


The best thing about San Joaquin Delta College is that they have teachers and faculty who care about and want their students to succeed in school. My experience with that is from my communication studies 1A teacher who helped me and my classmates succeed in our dreaded speech class and accomplish our goals of speaking in public as well as in front of each other.


The best thing about Delta College is the assistance from all of the professors of the college. Each professor goes way beyond the call of duty when a student needs more assistance in a particular area of their studies. Never will a student feel discouraged by needing a little bit more help than others because the professors truly do care about each one of their student's performance in the class. The main goal of the professors is to help each student succeed; failure is the farthest thing from any professor's mind when it comes to their students.


The campus at SJ Delta Collage is extremely conducive to learning. There are lots of great public areas for interacting with your fellow students and just as many quite areas to be on your own or study. The builders included a number of features that add to the atmosphere of calm including a lot of open space and a waterfall in each building.


What I consider the best thing about my school is all of the different programs that are there to help the students achieve their goal(s).


During my attendance, I liked the wide range of online classes. The classes that I took online towards my degree, or transfer, helped me to become able to attend to my children and further my educational goal.


It has a comfortable learning environment and they work with you around your obstacles in life.

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