San Jose State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The gate to Silicon Valley.


San Jose State University is a fun, enjoyable college I have had the pleasure of experiencing.


San Jose State does have an issue in crime and is sometimes regarded as a medicore school. Nevertheless, It does have a widespread consensus on student advising and the school is only worth as much as the effort the students are willing to put into the campus lifestyle.


San Jose State University School of Nursing staff are some of the best, most inspiring, and humble bunch that alumni can be proud to put the college on a resume.


It's a great school for people who are self-motivated, curious, independent, and outgoing.


A good school for those who complete their work, want a good education, and/or want a varied campus life.


The many people in my school environment can definitely be described as outgoing, friendly, respectful, kind, energetic, large, willing to meet new people, and talented.


Very beautiful and a lot of work.


A diverse community of students in a thriving environment of a social and academic nature.


The campus and its students are a friendly and diverse community where I intrigued and exhilarated about what is in store.


San Jose State offers its students with a diverse range of classes that most students prefer to take and has a wide array of resources available to all of its students to help their college experience be a memorable one.


My school was ethnically and academically diverse, and the lack of resources helped me to become extremely proactive and has paved the way for the good student I am today.


San Jose State University has one of the most diverse campus in California.


San Jose State University is a place for people of all races, sexes, and religious backgrounds and it is a school you can suceed in academia.


San Jose State University is a traditional school with a good diversity of both faculty and students alike.




San Jose State is coveniently located and has a very good academic program. It is located in the middle of the city so it is surrounded by entertainment and important resources. Sometime students have a difficult time adjusting to campu life because it can be hard to get involved. It is mostly a commuter school, so some effort is required when it comes to having it grow on you. In other words, you can't sit around expecting to have the school help you meet people and feel at home, you have to go out there and find them yourself!


QCC is a warm, welcoming and close knit campus that has been a blessing for someone returning to the scholacular atmosphere after many years. This campus provides an outstanding staff, vibrant professors and a nurturing atmosphere for any student of any age and backround. I believe this college provides their students with a strong education and the confidence to go forward to the next educational step. I am thankful for the advice regarding attending this school and recommend it highly.


My school is extremely diverse and welcoming of all types of people.


This school in very unorganized.


San Jose State University is mostly a commuter school in an urban environment that has several good programs to offer its students.


San Jose State University is a very welcoming community that is advancing my education to help me get to my future career.


A very relaxing and upbeat college, lots to do around campus and is close too many fun things off campus. This is definitely a friendly environment!


My school is equipped with helpful resources that allow it's students to have a better chance to succeed in school.


Classes at San Jose State University seems to be heavily based upon homework assignments; I like having a small number of assignments because they can boost grades but I think that students retain more knowledge in the long run if there is less homework and more tests.


San Jose State is a commuter school located in the center of the technology industry, known as Silicon Valley, where the students seem to be focused on getting practical education, undergrad and beyond, that will help them to be successful in their careers, which include technology, education, business, nursing and many other fields.


When moving in to SJSU, there was no organization and clarity. Things were confusing and unclear. The parking gargage really smells and have gotten two parking tickets in one semster while having a parking permit (easy to do). The teachers are great though, so far, at SJSU. They are helpful, encouraging, and inspiring to those who are willing to be great.


Very Costly


An extrememly diverse campus that is culturally aware of other ethnicities.


This school feels like a home to me.


SJSU is a good school for the amount of money you pay.


Commuting school were people go to school, go to work, go home and start all over the next day.


Ome of the best schools for animation/illustration careers.


very dedicated to giving a good education but sometimes i get lost in the other students.


Artistic and highly diverse in various way, but the school is so big that its hard to get the attention a person seeks with a direct question.


San Jose State is an exemplary establishment that caters to all ages, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, political views, etc with all sorts of activities that will leave one begging for more with the hope of soaking everything up like a sponge.


It is an amazing place to learn! I recommend San Jose State University to anyone!


Commuter school, but there are people who live on campus too. They have new dorms that are only a few years old. There's a lot to do around the city.


San Jose State University is a commuter school aimed toward educating engineers for silicon valley companies in a part of San Jose which is not exactly known for its cleanliness.


San Jose State University is a college that encourages its students to do the best that they can do. They want to their students to succeed in life.


It's like when a bad corporation happens to good employees.


San Jose State University is a large school with large school problems, and sometimes a student might feel like he is anonymous in such a large crowd of people, but every teacher that I have met while attending school there has been very friendly, helpful, and engaging.


Big commuter school with a good variety of people.


This is a commuter school, very diverse, and very competitive.


San Jose State is a friendly, open minded school.


BIG, racially diverse, international.


My school is stupendous, unique, amazing and a great place to be.


It is a great school for those who are planning to attend professional school in the healthcare industry.


SJSU is a diverse school in a urban setting.


My college is an ethnically neutral campus that promotes the diversity of our community and shows strong interest in our futures.