San Jose State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates at San Jose State are diverse in their nationalties, interests and talents.


It's like a huge melting pot.


As far as my classmates go, I would say that they are, for the most part, apathetic about the General Education classes I took with them. They all seemed so sullen and melancholy about having to take classes that had nothing to do with their major. I couldn't help but feel a little bad for the professors because of how hard they try to get a little bit of participation out of the dreary shells of people that filled up the classrooms. I just felt like I should be honest.


My classmates are all willing to help each other and strive to see each other succeed in the classroom.


My classmates are for the most part great; they are very diverse and contribute differently to the community.


My peers within the Occupational Therapy program are predominantly cooperative, mindful, and enthusiastic about their chosen field as well as the sociopolitical issues related to it.


They are professional working students of varying backgrounds.


My classmates were very motivated and very diverse.


I have made many friends while attending SJSU, they are always so friendly and inviting.


My classmates are very intelligent and outgoing people.


The classmates were a mixture of young students out of highschool while the other half were returning students that were in their late 20's to early 30's. The students for the most part took school seriously and were hard working. I made quite a few friends and enjoyed attending the school. Lastly, the professors are top notch.


My classmates always show a willingness to help me without ever expecting anything in return, except to see all of us pull through and make it to the end, without leaving anyone behind.


My classmates are friendly and eager to succeed.


My classmates here at San Jose State University are helpful and reliable.


The students at my school are all trying to make a better life for themselves, and so they all work hard in school and are dedicated to their studies.


Similar to me in that they are at school to learn and graduate in a timely manner.


My classmates are exteremly friendly and helpful whenever i need help either with homework or life in general.


I would describe my classmates as hardworking and energetic, they are the type of classmates that would help you if you fail and always wanna have fun, but most of all they are hardworking.


People here don't obsess over academia as much. There's more socializing. And I have discovered I'm such a goody-two-shoes according to college standards. (ex. I never drink nor smoke.)


My classmates and peers are all extremely outgoing, each with their own unique personality and belief system.


All my classmates are focused and trying to beat out others because of the budget cuts and lack of classes everyone seems to be more inspired to do better.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates is a diverse group of people of various backgrounds, culture and personality.


The majority of my classmates seem like the average college student, in that they are focused on completing their education and starting their careers while balancing their part-time jobs and social lives as well.


The ones who try are the ones with good futures, the ones who skip class are the ones who fail.


They're diverse


This semester I am taking biology based classes. So my classmates mostly keep to themselves.


they are mostly dedicated but they want a good time also.


Most classmates are just like you and are just trying to adapt to the new surroundings and are very outgoing.


At San Jose State University there is a large mixed race student and teacher population. Everyone is acceptive of other veiws and ideas from many different cultures. There is also a wide variety in financial status among the students. Even though there are many differences between the students, everyone has a common goal of recieving a higher education. It is important to everyone to do well in their courses and to succeed in their chosen career pathway.


The classmates are extremely varied. They run from extremely self-motivated and intelligent to local gangster types who are trying to get through undergraduate studies. Most students do not look beyond the required course material, but most are responsible and act accordingly.


Very diverse, working class, some are very young, wide range of ages and cultures.


My classmates are typically younger than me.


My classmates are highly diverse in all aspects: gender, race, sexual orientation and religion! This is one reason I wanted to attend this school was because all the different people I could meet and did.


My classmates are generally diverse and exceptionally willing to at least try to understand, accept, and appreciate that which is considered "different," as well as things that are challenging (academically, socially, personally).


Most classmates are ok. Sometimes you get stuck working with lazy ones but that can happen anywhere. Ive noticed that a lot of people commute to this school so they are less flexible with meeting up for projects.


They are challenging, giving me opportunities to debate and discuss topics that I hold dear.


Everyone is always busy with school and work


Classmates are friendly and helpful.


Helpful, sometimes push to get answers to homework, only a few Caucasians, few women, a network for future jobs


my class mates are extremely fun to interact with, i really feel like i found 'my people'


My classmates here at San Jose State are very helpful, they are supportive, and ask questions. They are not afraid to ask for help, they are willing to learn.


My classmates are friendly, smart, well rounded, and have a great time!


Very diverse; people from all kinds of backgrounds. You meet a lot of people from different major concentrations through GE classes so you know people from every school.


In general - most students, especially those within the Philosophy program (or taking Philosophy courses) are very insightful, participative and ready to contribute to class discussions.


My classmates are distant because I don't know any of them.


My classmates want to get the most out of college while still juggling work, friends, family, and everything else that makes life more complicated than it needs to be.


very fun.