San Jose State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That I am in California and there is a lot of diversity.


All the hackathons and game jams and other programming / computer science competitions that happen on campus. There are tons of them! They are hosted by cool tech companies like Microsoft and Barracuda and Neurosky and they give great prizes for the winners too.


The professors teach their own courses without TAs, unlike more prestigious schools. The professors are really willing to engage with students to help them succeed. It's easy to stand out at this school.


SJSU is a well-known school in the Silicon Valley with alumni working in top firms around the area. Companies know our programs bring out great students and have their recruitment set on our school. Also, our Business, Engineering, and Art departments are well known in the country. For a state school, many students graduate with FT job offers and are highly regarded as potential candidates for competitive positions.


San Jose State University is the most diverse school in my perpective. There is so much to see and do at SJSU. A lot of events to participate in but the one thing i can brag about is the quality teaching and assistance provided my SJSU. You really can never be stranded because the professors are nice, they are also helpful. The truth is, the teaching almost seems like its one on one; plus, there are so many resources in SJSU. Need help with math, there are math tutoring every tuesday and that is very helpful. I love SJSU. :)


The Location near Downtown is amazing.


Strong business and engineering programs and our animation programs are sponsored by Dreamworks and Pixar so many of the animation graduates work for them.


I brag on the fact that I attend a state school and not a 2-year community college. A lof of my friends are attending community colleges, but I'm proud at the fact that I had the motivation to get into a university. I feel the classes are more challenging, therefore, it shows that I push myself to be my best.


I love to talk about the awesome library on campus. It is magnificent!




Although San Jose State is known as the oldest university in California, the one aspect of the school that I brag about to my friends is the Martin Luther King Jr. Library. MLK is a joint project with the city of San Jose and is both a public library and university library. MLK is also home to various special collections. The Beethoven Center is devoted to the life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven; they even have a piece of his skull in the exhibit. MLK also houses the Steinbeck Center, the largest Steinbeck archive in the world.


campus is nice. people are friendly in here. i would totaly recomand this campus. A lot of services avilable for you such as easy way of learning skill.


There are a couple things that i brag about the most about SJSU. One of them is the campus. The campus is very nice in structure and aesthetics. It is very beautiful to walk across campus, and it only takes around ten minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. I also brag about my greek organization that I am in on campus. Finally, I brag about the location in downtown San Jose, which provides so much opportunity to grow as a person and individual.


How big it is, how many students. It's fun. It almost feels like a small city.


That it is a "UNIVERSITY" and I got in!!!!


I usually brag about the services San Jose State University provides for their students.


Living in a city can come as quite a scare to people who spent their beginning years in a less developed area. The thing that I enjoy most about my school (more specifically the city my school is located in) would be that San Jose is a fantastic combination of a large city and a calm suburban town. The area is riddled with microcosms: some large, hectic, and exciting, and others quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. Furthermore, the city is a cultural melting pot; I learn new things about different backgrounds on a very regular basis.


The MLK Library, it has several stories to it where there is ample space for studying alone in quiet or in groups for classes. There are several computers and printers with internet access, as well as tons of books for resources.


I brag mostly about how diverse it is and how the people who are involved are very freindly. It is a good place to try out a lot of things becuase there are alot of different opportunities available.


When I?m around friends from back home I like to brag about how the school is in the middle of the city and how it?s really convenient because I can just ride by bike everywhere.


So you want to meet people from all over the world but can't even afford a ticket to New York; Your dream seems like such a long way off - or so I thought. On my first day at SJSU, I was hit with culture shock because of the great diversity at the school. People from all over the world seemed to pass by me at every moment. It was like I had gone around the world in eighty seconds! I loved meeting people from other cultures and learning from them, and I didn't even have to leave California.


Teachers are available and approachable. There are plenty of activities on campus that offer a veriety of recreational activities. The campus is clean. the campus is very tolerant of all ethnicities which make it a fun learning environment because of all the new perspectives students bring to class.


The dorms are really nice! I lived in the suites, but there are many options of on-campus living. The campus it's self is really nice too.


When people ask me what college I attend, I tell them proudly, "San Jose State!". I brag about the great location my school is located in, down town, because the culture is wide and there is a chance to really get the city feel and have access to so many places. Not only do I love the variety and the amount of resturaunts, I also brag about the closeness to the cool museums, such as the Tech Museum and the San Jose Art Museum! So I guess I can say I mostly brag about the location of my school.


I brag about the weather and the food selection. Also, the library and the student union center.


I mostly brag about how safe my campus is as well as how my proffessors are willing to set up office hours when I need help.


I brag about the quality of the teachers and how well they teach. As well as the campus and the how beautiful it is. The department advising also saves a lot of students from taking the wrong classes. Also guiding them to a path to graduate as soon as possible. The King Library is massive and has everything a student could ask for. Makes learning fun and easy.


San Jose State University is one of the best universties to attend for engineering majors. It is also located in the heart of Silicon Valley.


The things I brag about the most is how friendly and helpful the people in my department are compared to other departments. I also brag about the campus and how pretty and open it is.


there is a way to get involved for everyone...


Everyone is very friendly at SJSU. The school is affordable and is close to home.


I brag to my friends about the housing opportunities at San Jose State University. My freshman dorms were where I met all of my new and closest friends as well as the place I learned to be a leader on campus. The following year I lived in the International House, which is a dorm for study abroad students as well as Americans to help with culture and English. In the Spring semester of that yeah I recieved a position as a Resident Advisor where I was given a free room and board on campus for my community services.


The social life, the surronding area and the environment


how many students attend and how spirited the students and facalty are about the school.


The nursing program because it is a really great program and is one of tthe only merit based programs offered in the area.


I don't really brag about anything, beside San Jose State is a great school.


I love the teachers and classes in my major. I am sad to be leaving without having taken certain ones I really wanted to take.


The football games and tailgaiting. The school spirit. The teachers are from Sillicon Valley. The girls are getting hotter and hotter. There's 30,000 students enrolled.


my fraternity and how close everything is to downtown.