San Jose State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


San Jose State is for motivated students who look beyond the classroom. We are not a top university, however, we have access to the culture of Silicon Valley. Individuals who do not look beyond their textbooks and do not go out of their way to achieve something outside the realm of acedemics, should not attend.


With all honesty, there should be no university that should any race or gender. San Jose State State seems well balanced in diversity and tends to foster middle class citizens who find the campus cheap with a majority of majors to succeed in. The only peopel who shouldn't attend are the individuals who can't prioritze their education as one of their priorities.


The school has very good teachers, anyone that can't appreciate the teachers here and how they teach shoulnd't attend this school.


San Jose State University is not the best school of choice for students who desire a rigorous academic emvironment. An intense and competitive environment will not be found here. Students who prefer challenging workloads that pits individuals against each other should pick another college.


You shouldn't attend San Jose State if you can't push yourself. Classes are hard to add with the reduction of class sizes and the increase in students. If you are inflexible and strict about your plan to graduate, you will never graduate. Also, it's a commuter school so to have a social life, you'll need to go out of your way to attend school events or join organizations.


Everyone is more than welcome to attend San Jose State but if they don't have the mentality that they're there for an education and think everything is going to come easy for them, they need to find a new path in life. San Jose State can be a party school but there is so much more this school can offer that doesn't involve drugs or alcohol.


I think that everyone should be able to attend this school that meets the requirements of enrollment and guidelines for addmission I don't think anyone should be denied an education.


Everyone who is accepted to San Jose State should attend. It is a welcoming school with a faculty that strives to help you succeed. No one should ever feel excluded here because we are all students with the same goal of garnering a college education. The location of San Jose State is urban and surburban enough for anyone who might be adverse to an urban community. It's great.


Someone who wants a slower environment, a small town, suburb or small town environment


A person who should not attend this school would be someone who is lazy and doesn't appreciate a good professor. Also, if the person wants an easy A they should not attend. Furthermore, if a person does not like reading a lot research, he or she should not attend.


I think if somone is looking for a strong, competitive academic based school then San Jose State University is probably not for them.


The kind of person who should not attend this school are those that don't take education seriously. Don't attend this school if you want to have a quick education and work in the field quickly. In that case you are better off being in a vocational school or community college. Don't attend this school if you are not patient; most classes are difficult to get in because it is such an impacted school.


There is no certain type of person that shouldn't attend this school.


A person that shouldn't attend this school is some that don't work hard, some body that doesn't wan't to have a brite future.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is if they feel that they are too good for it and believe they deserve to be somewhere else because in reality, San Jose State is a good school.


Those who choose to waste time, waste money, and waste others' efforts in support do not deserve to attend San Jose State University. The priviledge to attend should only be presented to those who show a dedication, motivation, and determination to prove to themselves that there is something better in the world that can be obtained through a higher education.


A person who should not attend this school would be a person who does not like big cities, who does not like a lively and exciting environment (even though we do have very laid back people), a person who does not like a large campus or who does not like a large student body or large classes. We are part of the Bay Area where it is extremely diverse and where you will meet people from all walks of life who more often than not have different views than mainstream society. Close minded people should not come here.


I believe people that shouldn't attend this school are those that think that college is just a time for fun and games. I've seen students that are attending my school that would prefer to sleep rather than go to class. Those that have those instincts shouldn't attend my school because they're wasting there money coming to this university and are also wasting spots for classes.


San Jose State is not a good choice for students that lack self motivation. In order to succeed at SJSU, a person needs to be very dedicated to doing the research they need, and being self motivated to make sure they meet with counclers and make sure that they keep up on planning out their classes very early. It can be very difficult to get the required classes you need, so you must keep on top of registration dates and when classes are offered in only the fall or winter semesters.


If a student is antisocial it will be difficult to fit along because the environment is very different. Their are many different races that have a different culture to tell in order to understand them.


this school has soemthing for everyone


I don't think there is a type of person who shouldn't attend this school. Just based on ethnicity or religious beliefs; there's so much diversity that no matter what you'd feel comfortable. The school community is very supportive, and the classes are challenging, and there's lots of opportunity to get help for just about anything that would arise during the school year. The only person who *really* shouldn't go here is one who has absolutely no motivation. Without it, I'm sure they wouldn't do so well in classes. But that's it.


An outgoing person who either will be playing a sport there, join a club, or join greek life. Otherwise it's really hard to meet people, because the school is so big.


I believe everything should be welcome to attend this school. The only problem is motivation. You have to be well motivated in order to succeed in your classes. I realized how strict their academic standards are and if you fail to maintain a 2.0 above gpa. It's hard since you have to be a full time student in order to qualify for financial aid.


Someone that relies strongly on organization or somoene that relies on small class sizes. This school will teach you how not everything will go as planned and you must accomidate based on what is available. Some classes are only large lecture halls and the professors office hours may not work with your availabilty. Some classes are small but due to SJSU's student population many classes are on the larger side.


San Jose State University is a school that only should be attended by students or people who want a bright future. With so much to offer and so much assistance for young adults, it is a University for the self driven and ambitous. A person who is not interested in his community or interested in helping others should not attend this college. Another kind of person who should not attend is one who has no school spirit, does not want to be successful and has no personal goals. This college is for the spirited and the strong independent.


A person who should not attend San Jose Sate University is someone who are don't want to take part in a challenge. College itself is a challenge (in a mentally and physical way to help prepare students in their career paths and in life) and San Jose State University is a school that offers challenges.


Anyone looking for an academically emphasized school should not attend SJSU.


I wouldn't say that a certain category of persons should not attend San Jose State, whatever the case may be. It is a highly diverse campus located in the center of downtown San Jose. However, I would highly recommend living either on campus, or nearby. Commuting is occasionally a consistant option, but parking may be difficult during the middle of the day when most classes are in session. Walking distance is preferred and public transportation is free for students.


Highly motivated people who have their mind set on their dreams.


If the person is into more of an agricultural surrounding and more nature centered


It is very mixed racaily and age wise.


We have a diverse study body. Anyone will feel comfortable attending this school


People who are avid learners, who really want to strive for an education. This school is great for someone who "just wants a degree". For the educational enthusiast, don't go here.


Someone that doesn't want to go to school. The school is really diverse , so other than that there isn't really a kind of person that shouldn't go to this school.


One that is not motivated. You have to make yourself go to class and do the work. Nobody is here to force you to do it.


Thos ethat are extremely lazy and are not willing to work hard for their grade.


People who want to be super involved on campus, we are a commuter school


Students who are unable to work hard.


someone who aspires to be at a dead end job forever


Someone who can't deal with an impersonal environment. Someone who is accustomed to knowing everone in their classes and their school. Someone who wants to be part of a community that is based on the on campus residents, instead of commuter students.




Attending this school is a great opportunity for everyone.