San Jose State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To save as much money as possible, because the average Computer Engineering student spends 6 years in this school; I've spent 4.5 years, and I transfered as a junior!!


Before i came to San Jose i wish i had a better understanding of roommate situations, and how to handle them.


availability of classes for my major, both lower divison and upper division.


What I wished I knew before I came to this school was that there wasn't much housing on campus. San Jose State University is mainly a commute school, where students from around the Silicon Valley drive to school everyday. San Jose State University has five to six housing buildings, usually meant for international students, incoming freshmen and transfer students. However, there are numerous apartments/condominiums in the city that it seems unecessary for the school to have many housing buildings.


I wish I'd known how much the counseling staff likes to give the run-around. I wish I'd known better about what I needed to do to grauate, and what I needed to take at the community college I attended.


What classes would/wouldn't transfer from the community college I attended. How competitive it would be to obtain an internship in Dietetics.