San Juan College Top Questions

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It's online.


It is the only college in this area so I had no choice, but thats ok because I love it here!


San Juan is a great college because the classes are smaller and you are able to have more teacher interaction then if you were in a large university. Also San Juan is always improving things from the cafeteria to the many services they provide everyday. They offer sercurity guards to help you if you lock your keys in the car or people all over the place to help with technical problems you can encounter with the computers. This college really has their priorities together for all students and staff to make school actually enjoyable.


San Juan College is a great community college. The classes are small in which makes it easier to talk to an instructor and build a friendly relationship. The instructors care a bunch about my future and try in every aspect to help me out in achieving my goal. The tuition is less expensive and I incorporate so much just as much as a four-year university.