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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell them that hard work pay off, they need to stay focus in school until they graduated, you need to choose your entourage and think a lot before you make any decisions, Choose a career not only as a job but as something that you will see yourself and so many years doing and grow,. Learn how to multitasks, give yourself disciplines in life, Elder advices are always good because they know more than we do. Try to put your life in order before you allow anyone to be a part of it, because if you know what you worth, Always think ahead, and always have a plan B, in Your life know your weaknesse Do not try to improve it right away, I will be happy when I finally receive my Associate degree in Healthcare Management, i fell like that I accomplish something and ready to move forward with all the plan that I have, I know the journey is not easy, I've been there and I am still fighting to arrive where i want to go, I know it will take time and patient and a lot of sacrifices, but God is in control.