Santa Barbara Business College-Bakersfield Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that anything is possible. Go to college and set goals before I get older, as I now am. I would encourage myself to give my all, focus and do my best to ensure a comfortable future. I wish I would have attended college fresh out of high school and thought more about my future at that time. I wouldn't have had the many years of struggle that I am currently facing as a 41 year old, single mother of three children. I would tell myself to reach for the stars and don't let anyone or any situation keep me from achieving my dreams and a promising future for myself and my family.


Keep up the good work!


If I could go back and talk to my senior self, I would encourage myself to enjoy life and not rush to be an adult. I would tell myself to continue to college immediately after graduation and enjoy the experience, make new friends, and learn all I could.


One thing that comes to mind is the importance of going and continuing college right after high school. As young people we have the tendency to prioritize everything else except our education. Personally I did start college right out of high school; however, I paused to go to work full time for about a year in a half. This was a major mistake for me because I could have had my 4 year degree by now. It is hard to see my school mates finishing up their 4 year degree while I am finishing up my 2 year. So yes I would advice myself to stay in school while I am young and have no responsibilities. This is the time to take advantage of the support from my parents rather than producing responsibility, such as bills. Also, the earlier I complete school the quicker I can begin to embark on a successful career path in Psychology. Another part of my advice is the transition is much easier when I have a fresh mind, which enables me to be more successful because of my retained knowledge from high school. Pausing in between should not be my first option at all.


This is the most important year of high school. By this time you should know what college to attend; have paid all fees, and have taken the sat. There will be no room for play before work. Prepare for a new future and never take the eye of the prize. The workload is hard but, never give up; for it will compensate in the future immensely.


If I knew what i knew what i know now back then I would strive more to be focused and finish college . I wish i would have listened to my mother. She warned me that one day i would go back to college and think i would have finished by now if i only would have listen, I've been thru heck and back and with all knowledge i have now I know I will pass all my classes and be more focused. As I do not have any distractions as in high school. You dont take second chances for granted.