Santa Barbara City College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Santa Barbara City College?


That the teachers are friendly and nice. The work load for the field i am going into is fair. The capus is beautiful.


The location. Right on the Pacific Ocean!


The SBCC campus is literally right across from the beach! It has the most beautiful view! You can even smell the ocean water from most parts of campus! In addition, everyone there is really friendly. It's in Santa Barbara, a small beach town, so everyone is laid back and relaxed. Oh and, you can't forget that it is the co-winner of the Aspen Institute's #1 Community College in the nation award!


When thinking about my school I always talk about how the campus is overlooking the oceans and is a beautiful place to lay out in-between classes. I say that it reminds me of being in an episode of Zoey 101 where everyone is friendly and is looking to make the best of their experience. I also love the fact that I am able to be apart of a university setting while attending a community college.


I took online courses to complete my B.A. It was convenient as well as interesting to learn to communicate effectively online. I am now going to attend SBCC: Santa Barbara City College. The campus is absolutely beautiful with bluffs overlooking ocean. There are plenty of peaceful, quiet places to study outside on campus with out being disturbed.


The view and the great teachers. Santa Barbara City College is located right next to the beach. The view is amazing, the palm trees and beautiful blue water. During breaks I can walk along the beach and do my homework sitting in the sand. It is a pretty campus. All of the teachers I have taken are great. I love all of my classes and my teachers are very knowledgable. The teachers are very caring and are willing to help their students. There is nothing to complain about Santa Barbara City College it is a great school!