Santa Barbara City College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The people on campus are what I consider to be the best thing about my school. People here in Santa Barabara are so genuine and friendly, there is always a chance to meet new people and learn new stuff from one another. I feel so welcomed here by everyone here and it really feels like a community of students all brought together to strive for a higher learning environment. Students at the Community College are always caring for others and lending out a caring hand for others when they are in need of it.


It has a great variety of friendly people and has a lovely campus with a great town.


The best part of attending college at Santa Barbara City College is the location. It sits directly across the street from the beach. You have beautiful views from many of the rooms. If you have a break between classes you can go put your feet in the ocean for a while. In my experience thus far the professors seem incredibly helpful. Many of the professors make themselves available by internet and office hours.


The best thing about my school is the environment and the vibe from the faculty and staff. It is very positive and motivating once you step on to campus because you know that each student is striving to get somewhere and every staff member does their best to help. The location is something to be grateful for as well; students study with a panoramic view of the pacific and can take breaks with walks on the beach.