Santa Clara University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


It is not very diverse, but there are most types of people if you look hard enough. 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students are somewhat or very fit. Greek life is enjoyed but not dominating. I spend most time with people of my major (always studying). Students are WASPy, but friendly and inclusive. Most come from Jesuit/Catholic high schools, and the west coast. If you fit this mold, you will find people you like. The students motto is work hard, play hard.


My fellow broncos have a high level of school spirit and truly appreciate the many opportunities that Santa Clara has to offer; all are kind and intelligent, encomapssing a wide range of backgrounds and personal beliefs.


The students are amazing. I've made so many great friends in such a short amount of time and I can't wait to see what the next few years bring me. The students do work hard but they also like to have fun. There are those who spend hours in the library, but generally, most students work hard and then play hard.


The majority of my classmates are of different racial identities, yet they are for the most part friendly and easy going.


For the most part, attentive and ready to learn, but it depends a lot on the class.


They are privileged and sheltered individuals who have a lot of financial and emotional support form their families.


Most classmates are very friendly and easy to get along with. They are also intellectually stimulating and helpful in continuing to understand course material.


My classmates are a diverse group of people who are eager and determined to work hard in order to be able to have a promising future after graduating.




My classmates are motivated, strong, intelligent, motivated hard workers who know how to have fun and still get all of their work done.


In the three years I've been here, the campus went from tight sweatshirts, designer jeans, and Ugg boots to leggings, tall leather boots, and various knits. One friend commented on the legging trend, asking "did these girls forget their pants? that would seem to be the trend".


My classmates are generally attentive in most classes due to the fact that we have small classes and the class size allows for the students to stay focused on the subject at hand.


When a conflict arises, the whole campus has an opinion and a solution.


We are in California, so casual is key. You can tell the grad students from the undergrads by their dress. Flip flops are the usual form of footwear :) Half of our students are from Cali, the other half come from all 50 states and internationally. We have both a Republican and Democrat student club. We also have a Green club! Seniors are the ones talking about salaries. If you live on campus, money is rarely spoken of.


The students are basically what make Santa Clara what it is. Student groups are always really active on campus, all of them enthusiastic and open to new people. The Ruff Riders are the masterminds behind every sporting event, and the sparks of school spirit. The cultural groups always have something going on, whether its a fundraiser or a movie screening. I've found that one of the best things about college is that you're more open to making friends with people whom in high school, you might otherwise never have even considered talking to. My roommate and I come from different types of families and are paying our tuition through very different means. While we might have been friendly acquaintances in high school, we never would have been as good of friends as we are now --and not just because we share a room. It's like that with everyone you meet.


I'm not really good with the whole people side of things so anything I write would probably be misleading.


I believe you will run into all kinds of people at SCU. You will, without a doubt, meet some seriously wealthy students, but you will also meet students who are doing their best working on campus and on serious financial aid. I find that most students fall somewhere in the middle. What matters at Santa Clara - as far as I've experienced, is not how much money you have, but your own work. People have respect at SCU based on more than money. If you're smart, then you'll be respected at SCU. As for racial background and religious background - everyone is accepted as far as I know at SCU. I do not have the predominant religious background here and I have had no problem with it at SCU. Most SCU students that I've encountered are from California, Arizona, and Washington. I, personally, am from the East Coast. I came from a suburb in Connecticut near New York City to SCU. Although occasionally, I have had a hard time explaining certain aspects of my hometown to people here, I have been welcomed. I love Santa Clara and I hope to find a job in the area and stay here forever! Students are definitely interested in their future. SCU has a great Career Center that works hard to turn majors into futures. As a classical studies major (and hopefully soon to be double major in English!) you would not think that I have many options. There are a surprising amount of options for me for careers. Classical Studies students study Latin, Greek, Ancient Literature, and Ancient History. It's a major that is sought out for Law Schools, Medical Schools, and of course, I can become a teacher as well.


Academic, friendly and focused.


My peers are intelligent, liberal, and all good looking.


My engineering classmates and I are extremely close; they are intelligent, humorous, and very supportive whether it?s doing homework and studying, or if it them coming to cheer for me at one of my games.


Hardworking students who you must get to know or else go for a quarter of quiet.


Energetic and socially diverse people focused on their given major and interested in the world.


they are normal people


Most want to learn beyond the materials presented; they question subject matters, apply it to the real world and try to understand it as in-depth as possible. They go through this process enthusiastically.


Almost every student I have encountered has been able to keep any socio-economic or racial opinions to themselves. I have yet to witness any racial issues on the campus. I believe the type of student that might feel out of place in Santa Clara is one who does not like being included. Each Residential Learning Community promotes involvement. My RLC, for example, has huge socials and other fun BBQ events in which we all bond and eat together. The other week, we watched Animal House on a big screen out in the quad. It was so much fun! We have 1980s dance parties in the basement and other events like that. Students here at SCU are very much politically, socially, and ethically aware. We have large rallies or open-mic nights for issues happening in the world. Many of the kids here are well-off, but you can also find students from different financial backgrounds. Money doesn't really seem to be a factor in many of the students that I have talked to so far.