Santa Clara University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Common stereotypes about the Santa Clara student population is that there are a majority of white students, most of them are funded by their parents, and due to the small size of the school, the social scene is very tight-knot.


1. Because we are a private school, some people may think that all students are spoiled. 2. We go to school at a resort. 3. Everyone is Catholic. 4. Everyone who lives in Swig Hall is a freshman.


I think the most common stereotype about SCU is that the student demographic consists of only white and rich students. That and how everyone rides long boards to go anywhere on campus!


One stereo type is that students are a bit quircky and tend towards the left in pretty much everything.


There is a stereotype that all of the students are wealthy, white, Catholic students.


The most typical stereotype is that we are all white and snobby. This isn't Stanford. This is Santa Clara University, and we pride ourselves on diversity and open-mindedness. Another stereotype about Santa Clara is that we are all rich. Yes, the school is surrounded by Silicon Valley, but a large amount of the students here came on grants, scholarships, or financial aid.