Santa Clara University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that were to not care about school should not attend this school. The tuition for this school is more than fifty-thousand dollars, and I am very lucky to have parents that are assisting me pay for the tuition. With a pricey tuition, if one is not willing to put in the effort to succeed, then they should not attend this school. However, if one is willing to work hard and do their best, this school will pay off in the end because the school will assist one to a job that best fits him or her.


A person who is not open to other people's views and who doesn't take school seriously


People who discriminate against undocumented students should not attend Santa Clara. People who have trouble being open and friendly shouldn't attend.


probably not an atheist or someone who wants snow


All kind of persons can attend this school. Everyone is capable of attending it, I believe that all ethnicities will feel welcomed after the first couple weeks. It is a very good place for those that like sports and are looking into particpating on a team, we have a variety of sports for both, females and males. Not only rich people can attend this school, which was my first impression. Even though mosrt of the students there come from a high class everyone can attend it, with scholarships but can still be at the same level.


Someone who's looking for the big school feel, with lots of school spirit and events going on -- shouldn't come here. SCU unfortunately does not provide people with the feeling of being a part of a large community because you see the sam people everyday. Not to say that SCU doesn't provide you with many opprotunities but there aren't as many as going to a 40,000 student school. School spirit is lacking since we have no football team or band, but we do have the ruff riders but the turnout for games leaves some wanting more.


A person that is very close-minded should not consider coming here. Santa Clara University students are very open-minded and they welcome everyone to the university without any judgments. Students living on campus, for the most parts have their doors open which to me it represents the trust that they have with one another.


People that want a big school or one that is very academically challange.




A person who is not ready to handle the arduous tasks of studying hard shouldn't attend this school because not only do one waste his/her money but that person also would waste years of precious time.


Somebody who wants a huge school with a big campus and an intense greek life.


The kind of kids who are just going to school to party. Nearly everyone at SCU, whether they party or not, really cares about their education and their future.


Though this is to be expected at a private university with an expensive tuition, Santa Clara is overwhelmed with wealthy students from even wealthier families. And though my parents knew this, they were determined to give me the opportunity to attend the school of my dreams. This I did, and have consequently spent many days and nights wondering if I should have attended somewhere else, such as a state school. I have left my family in debt, for this school does not give any financial aid to students from lower middle class backgrounds. It is a sad truth!


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Santa Clara University is one who is not willing to work hard and has no interest in receiving a good education. To be successful in this school you have to strive to do you best. A person who is immoral or unsocial should also not attend this school. A person who does not work well with groups should also not attend this school because most of my classes this year assign group projects. Also those who are not interested in developing close relationships with teachers shouldn't attend either.


Someone who is looking for a large student population or a football team.


All people accept their life here, though those that enjoy a football team or a huge involvement in school spirit may be taken aback.


A student seeking a big school would not be happy at Santa Clara University. Santa Clara University is a smaller school it doesn?t offer every major under the sun or have football team. A student that wants to take their classes in large lecture halls, so when they don?t show up the teacher can?t tell, would not like the small class sizes or small community Santa Clara has to offer. If a student wants to be in a secluded rural area, a way from the commotion of the city, Santa Clara is not the place for them.


Someone looking for a large school that they can disappear in or a university in the heart of a big city.


Someone who wants to go to a large school and just blend in with everyone else. Santa Clara is very expensive so if a person doesn't have a lot of money and doesn't want to take out student loans, then maybe they should consider somewhere else.