Santa Clara University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There is no information that I wish I had known. I think it is important to be independent and know that everything happens for a reason. Don't worry because everything works out in the end.


I wish I would've known how small the dance department is. I enjoy the department very much, but I feel that a bigger program may have been able to offer me more classes and resources.


I wished I had known more about myself before I came to Santa Clara University. True, college is for self discovery, but I wished I had held more confidence to get involved in campus life earlier in my academic career. There are a lot of ways to get involved in the community, whether it be the arts, politics, social sciences, etc. If I had known more about myself before joining the university community, I could have become a larger part of it sooner. Of course, I eventually found my way into the community and loved serving with my friends.


Freshman year of college is a whole new experience with so many things that you don't know before getting there, but I wish I had realized before getting to school that everyone is just as new as I am so there is no need to be nervous.


The people I met here


I wish that I would have known that I needed to prepare more financially.


There aren't very many things that I wish I had known but one thing I wish iI had prepared for was the increase in tuition from year to year.


I wish I would have known the importance of living on campus.


I wish I knew what I wrote above.


I wish I knew that it is a bit harder to get into the scientific realms of the school without being committed prior to beginning freshmen year; I would have liked to gone into something pre-medical but now that I am a sophomore I would be too far behind to choose that as a major.


Before going to college I wish I would have known how academically challenging the courses were. I thought that college was just a step up from high school, but I soon came to find that it was many steps up from high school. I've learned through my experience that you should "take the professor" not the class. Professors different styles of teaching can make or break a subject (or your grade).


I wish I had known that the school was not as culturally diverse than it advertised. Though there are avenues in which to further explore your culture, there is one predominant culture here. Unless you find the niche in which you fit in quickly, the campus will not seem diverse.


The school is small, and therefore there are fewer off campus activities to get involved in. Santa Clara is also somewhat of a commuter school. Many students will leave on the weekend either to ravel or to visit home, this is very common. So on three day weekends the school is very quiet.


Santa Clara can be a bubble and while it is fun to be in that bubble, students should make an effort to venture off campus and appreciate their surroundings.


while the campus is great, the surrounding area leaves a bit to be desired.


That I didn't need to pack as much I did. That I would make amazing friends so easily. That everything would work out, and that I really could do the work.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known to always be on top of my financial aid and scholarships. Santa Clara University is a very expensive school but not really paying for the school myself, I tend to forget about the finances. Now, knowing that I have many loans to pay after I graduate as well as the burden on my parents, I really should have focused on that more throughout my four years at this school. My lack of focus and selfishness is going to cost me more than $100,000 dollars in loans.


I wish I knew what organizational clubs are associated with the campus.


I wish I had known how much Santa Clara has to offer it's students earlier on. As a junior, I am now learning that I have so many resources and so much support that I didn't know about coming in or even my freshman and sophomore years. Santa Clara has a lot to offer, you just have to seek things out. If they don't have what you need, there are ways to get it and people who will help.


Your going to need to participate in class! You cant really hide in the corner!