Santa Clara University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the classes. The sizes are perfect and the professors are very awesome.


The best thing about Santa Clara is the community - it is such a friendly campus. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus through clubs or sports, which really opens up doors to meeting so many new people. Developing friendships is such a valuable experience in the college years and Santa Clara's great sense of community only helps to make that easier.


The small class sizes


Indubitably the best aspect of Santa Clara University is the vast amount of opportunities to get involved in the community, locally and globally. With various organizations on campus, it’s actually a challenge to choose which ones to get involved with. I became a part of the Movimiento Estudantil Chicano de Aztlán club and was voted Freshman Representative; since then, I have given various campus tours for students from underserved communities in order to promote higher education. Being a first-generation student, promoting higher education is what I am passionate about and I have been through organizations on campus.


The best thing about my school is the academic atmosphere and the support from the professors. Those two aspects are the best above all because it reminds me of how important my education is to me, my family, and my future.


My school fosters the ideals of a small private institution. Students are put first and it is clearly evident that the teachers care about doing the best job they can for their students. The majority of classes are small and allow for great interaction between teachers and their classes.


So on Saturdays at 5AM I sometimes go down to Julian Street Inn and make breakfast for the homeless/mentally ill people. Cook up some breakfast and bust some chops. It's really fun and you meet pretty interesting people.


The best thing about my school is the opportunities available in and around campus. If you do well at Santa Clara University, you are almost promised a bright future.


beautiful campus, not too big


The community in Santa Clara is great. The academics are also amazing; you learn from the students and the teachers. It is truly a great school.


The attention received from professors in classrooms


community aspect - build great friendships, strong academic base


The professors and small class size. Your professors are very available to you and want to help you get the most out of your education.


The people are the best thing about Santa Clara. Friends, faculty, staff and the community are all welcoming and friendly to eachother. I feel that this brings us all together with the same goals in building a strong sense of identity both personal and communal.


The best thing about my school is the way Santa Clara puts an emphasis on leadership skills and ethics. This is because, no matter how much intelligence a person can gain and learn, nothing will prepare us better for the world than having leadership skills. Santa Clara also wants to create ethical people who will do the right thing in a world full of chaos.