Santa Monica College Top Questions

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SMC houses the radio station KCRW, which caters to the Los Angeles and Orange county area. It's pretty amazing because the station has a very large audience, around 450,000 people. Furthermore, the college has some very notable alumni, ranging from Sean Penn to Ryan Seacrest.


I only picked this school because of the partnership in transfer it has with UCLA. As a result I ended up joining the STEM program and meeting a good amount of people before the school year officially started. What really intrigues me is that people here are really dedicated to their education, at least more than I've noticed in other community colleges. I've heard that Santa Monica College is one of the tougher community colleges and if not the toughest and I realized it's because professors really work hard to teach to the best of their potential.


My school has a great staff of professors. Most of them teach at USC or UCLA. The location of the school is great. My school is down the street from the Santa Monica Pier. The campus is great and well kepted up.


I've been to two other community colleges prior to Santa Monica College and I must say that I love Santa Monica College the most because of the compitition. Everybody there is trying to exceed, excel, do the best, and be the best. So, it really keeps you on your toes. It also has a great nursing program with a very resourseful science learning lab. The college is a melting pot of diversity. Ranging from racial backround, style, and personality. If that is something that you can appreciate, then Santa Monica College is definately for you.


My school has a unique arts department ,which i found to be better then my other choices.


My school is unique in many different ways. It is one of the largest community college and has the number one transfer to University of California, Los Angeles. It is a great campus of green and evidently a smoke-free campus. The classes are small and personal in which students are able to communicate with the instructor and other students. The professors are really helpful. They would stay after class to answer students' questions and even do study sessions when there is no class. They know what they are talking about and really inspire students to further their education.


The professors are great. Also, tutors are always available.


My school is unique because there are people from all over the world, with several different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Also, my school is known for it's competitve academics and high transfer rate to UCLA. My school is also newly remodeled and beautiful, right near the ocean. My school also has a great film program and is close to Hollywood, which is where I work.