Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is affordable, friendly, and really helps students that want to eventually transfer to a four year college; it's filled with an open and friendly staff that's passionate about their work.


The Santa Rosa Junior College is fun, with a beautiful campus and a very welcoming environment.


The Santa Rosa Junior College is a great school for new and old students, a friendly enviornment and outstanding teachers help each student to excel in their studies and motivate them to go further in their educational goals then just and AA.


A very cheap but very high quality education.


The JC is a large public community college that still remains focused on helping its students reach their goals, whether that be an AA or to transfer, or merely taking a summer class to catch up.


The Santa Rosa Junior College is one of the best deals in education available to students in the northern bay area, and it earns that accoladewith its beautiful campus and by being affordable, academically rigorous and diverse.


One of the most beautiful, educational, and professional Junior Colleges in California.


It has a very nice campus, and good facilities. There are unfortunately too many adjunct faculty members, that do not get paid enough. There have recently been cutbacks in the schedule, many classes I was looking forward to taking are no longer being offered. It's very crowded, but we have a new parking garage, which has helped with traffic, so it is improving. Our library is amazing, and we have access to Sonoma State's library resources as well, so academically it is wonderful, but the crowd is turning it into a more competitive school now.


A great local school with some excellent resources.


My school has a decent variety of study, so is good for people that don't know what they want to major in yet, but you definitly have to check into the teachers before you sign up for a class if you aren't looking for fluf classes, they are unfortunetly numerous; learning definitly relies on the teacher but the campus is beautiful.