Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


At Santa Rosa Junior College we are very proud of our ties with UC Berkley. SRJC was founded as a sort of prep school for Berkley in the early nineteen hundreds. As you move from general ed classes to your major prep classes you will hear the instructors repeatedly say that they have designed the course after a course they personally taught at a University of California. Berkley is known as the Cal Bears and because of our ties we are known as the Bear Cubs. We are the little Berkley.


"Santa Rosa Junior College is known for its academic rigor, its outstanding job training programs, superb faculty, comprehensive student services, and excellent facilities." - SRJC website. Yes, this was copy and pasted directly from the website. But in reality I believe that SRJC is best known for it's faculty. You can choose form some of the best instructor's and professor's. Most every teacher I have had has been dedicated to helping me understand all the concepts. If you are waiting to transfer to a four year college, SRJC is a great place to start.


My school is best known for giving a student the best education they can get without going to a 4-year university. The teachers have time to work with a student after class if they need to.


Santa Rosa Junior College, one of the oldest publically-funded schools in California, is dedicated to giving their students every opportunity to succeed. The college offers over 70 different locations, as well as online classes. Informative scholarship opportunities and financial aide are always provided, with more than 600 scholarships awarded annually. At SRJC, you can choose between 175 different certificate programs, and even earn your Associates in Arts or in Science. The 3,500 members of faculty are always there to help guide you into your own idealistic career and aide in the transfer process to a four-year university.