Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Well certainly anyone who values a decent education(first two years are equivalent to UC's etc. anyway) and don't exactly have the resources to join a university right out of highschool.


A student should attend SRJC if they are unsure of their major and want to sample different majors until they find the one they like the best. The JC is a good place to do this because classes are much cheaper then universities. The JC offers classes for many different majors so it?s a great place to find out what you are interested in. A student who is dedicated and hard working but maybe doesn?t have the funds to attend a university should also attend the JC.


Any type of person should attend my school. We have 37,000 students in hundreds of different majors. My school is known as one of the best community colleges in America. We have great nursing, engineering and journalism programs. Our students are different ages, are from different backgrounds and have one big thing in common. We all want to learn.


The kind of person that should attend this school, is a person that wants to have a successful career. School is for people that want to be there and want to prepare themselves for the working world.


Santa Rosa Junior College is a school for every individual. By starting here, you can save money and explore the various areas of academics. It is perfect for undecided students who just graduated high school and parents who are allowed access to free childcare. After just two years at SRJC, you can complete enough general education units to transfer to a four year university. Most people change their majors within the first two years of college, which is a major complication at a four-year university, but that will not effect your success at SRJC.


Absolutely anyone! The great thing about this college is that there is so much diversity in age; race; gender; and financial background. The Santa Rosa Junior College is affordable to everyone. They have a great financial aide department for those who are in need. Students take classes here for several reasons: to receive an A.A. degree; occupational certificate; enhance job skills; and for personal enrichment. They also offer seminars and workshops. Classes are held on campus day and evenings, plus online and weekends. They also offer a variety of short courses.


Anyone can attend Santa Rosa Junior College. I have had people who are straight out of high school (17 to 18 years old) to others changing their career (40's +). I am myself a military veteran who started at age 22 years old.


Many of the type of people who attend this school are those who are still interested in learning but are not sure what they want to do or what university to go to, or those who are wishing to spend less money getting prerequistes completed before transferring. a lot are also there for a certain type of degree, or coming back to school after an absence.