Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The only type of person that should not attend my school is the one that doesnt want to better themself through a good education.




Santa Rosa is a commuter college, so students looking to meet the best friends shouldn't go here. It doesn't have dorms, nor are your classes going to filled with people that are necessarily the same age.


a person who will not show up to his/hers classes ad wont complete the required material.


Someone with a very narrow field of study. It's good for the basics of a lot of subjects, but now with all the cut backs the few classes that are more specialized have been cut, or they are only placed on the schedule one semester of the odd year, making it difficult to take them.


I honestly think people should always seek to future their education; so I believe school is a place for everyone. Although, for people who think school is a challenge, and doesn't want to waste their time, they shouldn't be going to school just because everyone else is doing so. People should attend this school if their heart desire to do so.