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Everyone is naked in one way or another.


Sarah Lawrence is the only college in which students meet with their professors to create a semester conference project based solely on the student's personal interests. Each class is structured with no more than 15 students. Appart from the educational aspect of SLC, the campus is located north of New York City(20 minutes by the MetroNorth Train). It is filled with students that compile innovating ideas into a startingly reality. Nothing is "off-limits" at Sarah Lawrence.


SLC really isn't for everyone, but even if you just come for a semester or a year and decide it's not for you, you'll never forget what you learned here--trust me. You learn to think differently, more analytically, more abstractly. It's wonderful. Open up to your don (what we call advisors here). Even if they don't seem particularly helpful at first, you'll develop a close relationship with them that can really help you further on down the road. Also, try and figure out how to get to the Office of Career Counseling (it's somewhere in the maze that is Bates--I just found it in the spring, after being here for a year). It can really help, particularly if you're interested in internships.


Size YOURSELF up before sizing this school up. If this is the right place for you, it WILL change your life. You will enter as a fool and leave with real wisdom.


The donning system, where you get to meet with your "Don" once a week your first year, and then whenever you need to. You meet all your professors every other week one-on-one.


Sarah Lawrence is very artsy and draws the individual out of the person. New York City is just a few minutes away, providing ample opportunity for students to participate in internships in the field that they are interested in. Also, there are no fraternities or sororities here, making the campus life revolve mostly around smaller, close-knit groups of people partying.


The learning you can do here is not about accedemics although there is a very heavy work load. The point of all the work is not the subject, but the approach. Writing is regarded strongly here for practice of execution which applies greatly in the real world. However, I'm transfering beause I wish to gain full factual knowedge about a specific major and to be exposed to expanded facilities for science research. Sarah Lawrence doesn't have majors for this, I find the structure for areas other than fine arts to be much to ambiguous.


for every single class you take you need to pick a topic of interest and do an in depth study. you are responsible for what you learn and need to be comfortable communicating about it one on one with teachers.


A student talks about the yearly Transfer Crisis.


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Amanda talks about her favorites.


The school is expensive, but if you have the means, it is well worth it. It is a transformative experience even if you are someone, like myself, who might not be as inclined to "get involved", or even make tons of friends or acquaintences. It is a place to network, though I didn't do much "networking". You can be yourself, or be someone compltely different and explore what makes! It was one of my most challenging academic endeavors, and more likely than not, after your first semester you're going to look to drop out. You probably won't go through with it, though. You'll work harder than ever before and you'll be so proud of yourself when your fourth year is over and you realize you actually did it. I'm actually enrolled in the five year Art of Teaching Masters of Science program. I did my first year of my master's degree in my senior year. I am now entering my second (and final year) at Sarah Lawrence college, as a graduate student. Well worth it!


Don't bother buying the yearbook. The people who put it together only put the people they like in it. SLC is a great place to learn about life, people, and study anything you want. There are some amazing opportunities here, and in many ways it is a truly wonderful place. Be wary of the downside to this school as well, because as great as it is, you've got to be selective about the people and the academics you pursue.


Sarah Lawrence is 74 {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} women, 26 {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} men. Boys, if you never had a girlfriend in High School because you didn't brush your hair, or you had a hard time showering- maybe you had a girlfriend all four years and now you're ready to go wild- well, Welcome to Sarah Lawrence. At a school where there's like a twelve to one ratio (we don't do math, by the way, we just guesstimate), the girls go crazy for any thing straight and male that walks through campus. That includes the Security Guards. Ladies, don't come to Sarah Lawrence if you want a college boyfriend. Come and join the ranks of women who sneak off campus late at night and come home even later- off campus men are our specialty, and you always get free wine.


Sarah Lawrence is a really cool place.


come here if you are weird.


Sports - The sports program at SLC is good if you like practicing 5 days a week and playing against other bad schools just for fun. They do expect a commitment, but joining a team (and there are no cuts) will give you some sense of a family within the community.


This school isn't for everyone, look into it closely before coming.


That pretty much covers it. I loved going to Sarah Lawrence, it was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I gained so much from it. Yes, it's very expensive, but I really believe it made me into a better, more fulfilled person.


it took a while getting adjusted, but i adore sarah lawrence even though i wanted to leave my freshman year. you just have to remember that, if you let it, sarah lawrence can turn into an insular world which can be detrimental to the development of an individual. slc is not the real world, it's a place where certain values and beliefs are normal, when it's not the case for the rest of the world. one thing that constantly reminded me that there is a whole big world that thinks very differently than me is when people in cars on kimball ave. throw stuff at students and call them faggots. then you remember that there are people in the world who think the opposite way you do.


Sarah Lawrence is only worth the price tag if you take advantage of the academic freedom. Otherwise, you're going to be wasting your parents money smoking weed and dealing with social drama that comes from this little world unto its own.


This has to be the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. Just to look around fills me with a sense of well-being -- especially in the spring. It even makes up for the ghastly food...


The current president of Sarah Lawrence is a despicable shrew. Health services are nonexistent. The food isn't that great, either.


I think I covered most of the bases.


I am happy here. At first it was difficult for me to get used to this school because it is so different, but now I feel much more comfortable and at-home here now.


the perfect place!


Hillel Philanthropy Challenge


Hillel/Christian Union - Midnight Run.


This school basically sucks. No diversity on any fronts, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background. It's boring. I hate it here. I would transfer to another school if the credits would transfer over, but they don't.


Hillel Christian Union for Midnight Run!!!!!


Hillel/Christian Union for Midnight Run


You know what's up.




I'm good.


SLC academics are amazing. If you want to socialize, look elsewhere!


hillel/slcu - philanthropy challenge




SLC is a school that requires one to make a place for themselves. All groups are very open to new members as long as one is willing to take the first step. If one does not find time to join some sort of club or sports activity on campus, one may start to feel lonely here. Don't allow youself to be self-concious, as the motto goes, "We are different, so are you."


"Hillel/SLCU - philanthropy challenge"


As a student with a physical disability it is difficult to get around some of the time, but I've found people in health services and in the Dean's office who have helped me manage my health, it took time, and did make me rather angry at times, but it was worth it. Retrospectively it helped me figure out some of the more nebulous parts of the school's policies and systmes, but it allowed me to find people willing to help me-- both in terms of faculty and friends.


The biggest problem with having parties on campus is the noise complaints. Security is pretty quick to respond to noise complaints. There's not supposed to be an "unregistered" party with over sixteen people. Even though they usually just ask everyone to leave or quiet down, it can kind of kill the social scene, always being conscious of the security risk. Most big parties either get broken up or move around, and it ends up being a lot of random intimate parties.


Academically, Sarah Lawrence is incredible, socially it's not great. A student here will learn as much as he or she wants to and just has to make the best of the social scene. Like anywhere else, some people are great, most are not. It just seems like the not great people are especially obnoxious here, maybe because the school is so small.


If you want the best education that you can possibly imagine in the liberal arts and are not afraid of copious amounts of difficult work, look no further. SLC is a graduate structured education at an advanced undergrad level.


Guys, if you are just looking to get some, don't come here. Most of the girls are playing for the same team anyway. There are however a very select few, very good looking girls here too, but you probably won't get them either. They have modle boyfriends either in the city, Switzarland, or some other remote country, where the guys are much better looking than you are. Don't count on these girls for action.


I like Sarah Lawrence, but it has taken me a long time to get adjusted to it. I don't like how mean people are, and I wish I had more friends that I liked, but I have a small group that makes me happy. Between all the writers, actors, artists, and musicians, Sarah Lawrence becomes really competitive, which takes a lot of the fun out of being in college.


It's the students, not the faculty and/or administration, who make this place great.