Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is best known for having their students become successful, weither it be working for Disney or working for Abercrombie and Fitch clothing.


My school is best known for its animation and design programs - Interior Design for both undergraduate and graduate has won first place in DesignIntelligence's 2014 rankings, and SCAD's Animation students are well-known in the industry for being industrious and valuable workers and have found themselves a place in nearly every studio there is.


Savannah College of Art and Design is best known for it's prestige among creative careers. It has been ranked among the top for Fashion Design, Interior Design as well as many other creative majors. It is a private college with real professionals that became teacher, the connections you can make at this school are amazing.


Creativity and success


For it career-driven classes and course work,and the quarter-schedule which differ from most other art schools and universities.


My school is best known for providing students education in art and design careers.


SCAD is best known for its historical arcitecture restoration. They purchase buildings around the historic district of Savannah that are falling apart and not able to be used anymore. The school and students restore the buildings. Almost the entire campus is composed of historical buildings that have been restored for academic use. SCAD is also known for getting its students into jobs after they graduate. Our school has a very high job placement rating. The entire academic experience at SCAD is geared towards practical applications of art and getting students employed in art feilds.


Savannah College of Art and Design is best known for being one of the best art education institutions and preparing its students to be the front runners in the art world.


SCAD is best known for creative careers and getting creative students jobs in the real world.


SCAD is best know for its diverse range of students and art programs.


My school is known for preparing it's student's for creative careers. This does not just mean that they give us all of the information we need to work, but that they actually help us find those jobs and move us into a position in which we can attain those jobs. My school is also known for being the biggest Art and Design schools in the southeast, and one of the biggest in the United States.


Savannah College of Art and Design is best know for producing out of this world students who are ready to become true business leaders in the Art world. I strive everyday to become better at what I do and I feel that it is because of Savannah College of Art and Design.


Savannah College of Art and Design is best know for be innovative in the fields of art and design.


We are best known for our artistic talent and every different catagory


It's quarter system rather than semesters.


My school is betst known for the quality of the the programs it offers for the design field. It is one of the top ranking schools in the country for design and has a high career placememnt rate. As an Interior Design student, our graduate program was rated number one in the country two years ago and I truly confide by that because I believe that the education I am recieving is mcuh more qualified than that of any of the other schools I applied for.


Our school is best known for it's technology, and it's connections with people in the business.


My school is best known for artistic students in a campus of great cultural diversity. There are many students who came from different countries that bring their unique presence to this school?s learning environment. The campus is spread throughout the city, so the city is even recognized as a place with many young talented people. Everyday the locals and tourists see school buildings, shops, and transportation that are specifically for the students. In addition, this school is known for bringing in top companies that are searching for students that can work for them at career fairs and much more.


Wonderfully knowlagable and friendly teachers. A fun learning environment. Creative and open minded students. It's fun to learn here while also chalenging. Every year you can easily see your improvements. All the buildings are hightech and artistic in design. Savannah is a small city with a lot of green spaces which is a nice mix of both worlds. Its four years well spent improving your skills while also enjoying your time doing it.




Art, beautiful location, climate, interesting classes, diversity, international students


a large art and design school that is more focused on commercial art than visual arts.


SCAD has had a long history of revnovating Savannah, Georgia and bringing a colorful community of artististic talent to the community.


Savannah College of Art and Design is very expensive, and I struggle to pay for everything even with my financial aid. It would be an easy way out to transfer to a state university, but I can't imaginie doing so. I love a lot of things at SCAD, like the people, the activities and the location. There are also some things I don't like about it, like the food or dorms. However, I know all of it is worth it because I'm getting an education of a lifetime and a job I'll love in the future.


My school is best known for their ability to mix different cultures and backgrounds and incorporate all of their different ethnicities into one objective: to make well-educated artist that are open minded and that are not afraid to wonder of into different styles and beliefs in order to know more about the world around them; and to know that art is not objective but subjective depending on the intended audience.


The diversity in students, faculty, and majors. People from outside the area also know SCAD for the beautiful, historical campus. Savannah citizens know the school for its constant invovlement in the city and artistic diversity added throughout the community each new school year.


The school is known as one of those hip, up-and-coming schools. We have a lot of creative fields of study to choose from and the technology that goes with them. We are also known for the expense. The local community has mixed feelings concerning the school, but we have reclaimed a lot of historic buildings and brought income to the area.


In only a hundred words? My school is best known for it's amazing Architecture department, Fashion department, Film department... you name it! WE are one of the best Art school's in the nation and we produce some of the most talented people I've come across. We keep an open mind to everything and everyone. So really, I think we are best known for the talent that we send out into our society.