Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The courses are rigorous in the arts classes including a start in arts with foundation studies -- which teaches every student how to draw, design, and understand the foundations of both. General ed are rigorous however, other classes are also included such as art history and computer mechanic art appliances classes-- in which everyone has to take.


Although the classes are on the smaller side, I find that professors still do not know my name. However, they will know your work though. All the professors are very by the book and lack the open mindness you think art professors would have. The academic buildings are really cool and have a lot of resources- but don't plan on getting help figuring out how to use them. Most of the professors are very vague. A lot of them won't tell you your grades on projects until your midterm review. Students are extremely competitive in everything. DO NOT GET A ROOM MATE WITH THE SAME MAJOR AS YOU. Students have fairly intellectual conversations outside of class about art and music. It ends there.


The professors are very stuck up, much like the students. Also, for being an "ART" School, they are VERY "by-the-book" on grading projects, and very closed minded about new or different ideas. Also, career services was a JOKE. They half-assed it, like they half ass everything else.


They are serious about classes. You attend them or you could end up failing. The professors are talented and caring. Most of them are. Most are patient and help you to master the key concepts. Classes are small so you get the attention that you need.