Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


i am very proud to be attending the school i do as it is one of the best art schools in America. No one believed an art school could make it in the south but, the Savannah College of Art and Design did.


The facilities on campus were truly incredible. My building, dedicated to a degree many have never even heard of, was particularly advanced. Combined with staff who are highly enthusiastic about their chosen field, the working environment is one to thrive in.


How a lot of different companies come to the school looking for people. I also talk about how I am learning so much in so little time, and that even though it is hard work I really enjoy it and really enjoy the creative people around me.


When I tell people about SCAD I will admit it is hard not to boast. Yes, the school is expensive but it is an investment in your future. SCAD provides proper equipment for their students and the people are quite friendly. There are always people from well known companies visiting SCAD to give lectures and for other purposes. What I really love about the school is the variety of campuses! You have the choice of attending the campus in Savannah, Atlanta, or the new location Hong Kong. There is also the choice of online classes and study abroad in France!


Always stay focused and be organized.


The school in general. SCAD has a huge name reconition. Going there also says a lot about me. When people hear where I go to school, they can infer that I'm an artist, and a pretty good one at that. After that, would probably be my professors. I've transfered campus recently, an the main school and my current campus are as different as night and day. The only similarity they have is the quaility of professors. Every professor I've encountered is a master in their field and also easy to talk to.


my school is truly like no other out there. there are so many oppertunities for us to learn hands on and with profesionals who are actually out in the feild. our labs are stocked with the newest and best equipment, the teachers are always there to help us, and students are always willing to help you out. its an amazing creative ennviroment.


The amount of vacation we have versus other colleges. We have a four-month summer, a 6-week winter break, a 10-day spring break, and no school on Fridays. But, we do have much more work. We have three quarters: ten weeks per trimester.


The biggest selling point for me with S.C.A.D was the astonishing precentage of people who within 6 months of graduation were employed in revelant fields to their major.


I brag about having a three-day weekend, howerver, it is only because of the work load that we get. Also, a lot of activities and festivals hapen, such as the film festival and an apperance by a DreamWorks representative.


I can be creative here and know that I will have a career that I enjoy and get paid well to do.


When I tell my friends about my school I tend to brag about the Fashion program and the annual fashion show that is put on every year. I also brag about the different campuses and also the professors are the best I have ever had.


I don't mind braging that one school right now is now 2 in the country.


I like to brag about the beauty and novelty of the city of Savannah, and the wide variety of programs offered by SCAD.


Small class sizes, likability and enthusiasm of the professors, involvment in the community.


Mostly, about the kinds of projects the students get to do as well as the surrounding areas, the fun activities and the class schedules.


What I brag about the most is the projects that our professors assign and the creative freedom I have with a lot of my work. Also, private bathrooms per dorm room seems to be a big surprise to most people.


The people that go here, come here and graduated from here. The projects and the atmosphere.


Climate, 4 day work weeks, location, the city, the art classes, my house


The creative environment with so many friends who are interested in a variety of fields, ideal for networking.


It's a dynamic, interesting school that prepares students for the real world.


Companies that visit, caliber of the faculty.


How much our professors teach us, how well immersed in the industry our professors are, how easy my schedule can be


The Savannah College of Art and Design is so determined for each student to be well equipped and prepared for the real world after graduation. They make sure that you will have job prospects when you graduate; you will not be a starving artist.


Our campus facilities and the opportunities afforded us by our schools reputation.


How unique and artistic the college is.


I brag about our 4 day a week schedule (3 day weekend) , the "tons" of events each week, and the amount of hard work it takes--that is matched by great resources and professors--to accomplish our workload at school. Depending on who I'm talking and where they attend school, I brag about how close the school is the beach!


The cultural diversity of the student body. Coming to SCAD opened my eyes to all the ethnicties and different traditions of kids my age. I very much enjoy the large international popualtion of the students, it makes me feel connected to the outside world.