Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone Ambitious and determined to work hard to achieve their goals.


The person who should attend SCAD should have a drive for art and having a creative mind. this whole school is based on being creative.


The kind of person that would be the most beneficial attending this school is those want to go into the arts and creative careers such as painting, fashion, graphic arts, entertainment, etc...


Hard work, determination, and creativity are a must for students who wish to graduate from SCAD.


I think that anyone can attend this school, because we all have some type of creative way to show who we truly are. Whether it's collecting playful stamps, making soulful music, planting flowers in unique designs, placing bold fabrics together to make a statement, or using words in a book that will touch someone for a lifetime, everyone has an art that shouldn't go unoticed since it is apart of who he or she is. Savannah College of Art and Design will help mold that art into success. Besides, if a person has faith their are no limits.


Movtivative, artistic, fun


Anyone planning on attending this college must be determined. You must have a love for art in all aspects, and know how to utilize all the art departments to help further you in your major and your career after college.


Savannah College of Art and Design is best suited for creative, independent, free spirited students. Students who are comfortable being themselves, who are not concerned about what others think, strong willed, and determined to succeed on their own terms. The students at school must embrace differences, diversity, and be willing to challenge the status quo in the artistic realm. Students must be intelligent, open minded, and dedicated to their craft and their continual development.


Students who are passionate about their craft, and who want to explore new horizons should attend this college. Also, students who would like to network with other people and companies in their prospective fields should attend. SCAD drills networking into all of its students from day one, so if you are an individual who is willing to learn and develop creatively and socially in the art world, this is the right place for you.


A creative, imagtive person should attent. Who is also outgoing and motivated, and ready to succed in life, and want to change the world. Somebody who dares to be different, and also dares to do the unkonwn and unthinkable.


This school is for artistic or creative minded people.


Creative imagination person, who love to design and create something new and different to introduce to the world. Not just arts or fashions, but also technology animate movies liked AVATAR, disney movies, games develop. Person with multi-creation, to put their feeling and talents in to reality.


Anyone who believes they are artistically gifted and would want to make a career out of it that they're passion about and will love.


If you love art and want to have a carrer in it this is a good school for you. Even if you don't think you are good at drawing or painting, but are more skilled in computer programs, like photoshop. The teachers don't judge you on how well you draw, or at least not all the time.


The kind of person that should attend Savannah College of Art and Design is a person interested in pursuing art. You get to be suurounded by art and only art. This school is not your typical, traditional college. The classes are specific and stylized only for art fields. So within these classes your mind expands more and more in a creative way of thinking.


Someone who really knows what career they want to go into. SCAD has lots of majors relating to the arts, but there isn't much room to explore the careers, you should really know what you want to major in or you'll end up wasting money. You should really not care about academics at all because they are not hard or challenging at this school. Expect to spend a lot of money on art projects.


Anyone should attend this school. Someone who loves art and working with others. Someone that is willing to work hard and help others.


A very creative person who is not closed minded and can multi-task and is good with managing time.


A person who is liberal, open-minded, and highly artistic. Also a person seeking a middle-sized school.


It is an art school, after all. It requires a degree of artistic ability, but the students have to be self-motivated in order to succeed in this school. SCAD is incredibly demanding, sometimes requiring 40 hours per week or more to be devoted to homework, so someone who has little else going on, like a job, or a social life is ideal. The school's workload, combined with the cost of living in Atlanta (I attend the Atlanta Campus) requires a student to be to some degree financially stable.


Goal oriented person.


An individual who encompasses intelligence, creativity, and communication skills would be very successful at The Savannah College of Art and Design. It is a very upbeat art and design school compared to most, and the students are very friendly and helpful to each other. It is a school that also has a reputation for working hard and playing hard, keeping a nice balance of being successful with your academics while having a great social life.


A person who attends the Savannah College of Art and Design should have a passon for Art. Not just in the field of art you are studing, but in all types and forms. I am an Architecture Major, but enjoy study about painters, architects, interior designers, and artist in general. This helps the student become more rounded as an individual.


An artistic and open minded person.


Anyone who needs an accessible art school that still feels like they need a slightly regular college environment.


Hard working.


The artist and the bohemian. Savannah, Gorgia is an artistically dense city and is populated by lovers of art and design. In Savannah, the individual rules and art of every kind prevails. If you don't love art, music, or design, then Savannah College of Art and Design is not for you.


SCAD is for students seeking a valuable education in the art and design fields. Individuals should be assured that their artistic skills will be strengthened and challenged. SCAD is for anyone who is wanting a job in the artistic fields after college.


Any person interested in art or design needs to seriously consider this school.


Any person who is artisically inclined and its strongly focused on a career in art.


Artsy, creative and responsible people


Someone who is interested in learning more than all the skills necessary for a successful career and who enjoys experiencing new things.


Someone with a lot of money.


Well-off rich kids who don't have to worry about being in debt after their schooling ends. Or someone who is well informed in the business world and can easily impress a company/job. They also must be talented, hard working, driven, and self-motivated at all times, to make it big in their chosen profession. A lower-class person can make it if they can find enough free money handouts (scholarships) and are as responsible as was stated in the previous sentence.


Someone with an artistic and creative mind who is not afraid to explore new boundaries


The type or person who should attend this school is a person who is very creatively minded. they should be free thinking and love what they do, they also need to have very good time management skills because the workload can be very intense.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone willing to work hard, socialize with peers and professors, take on challenges, and accept diversity of others.