Savannah State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That some of the teachers will work with you.


When talking to my friends about my school I become excited. Its like majority of the students know what they have to do and kind of push one another to succeed. The environment is great its like being with family. Whenever I meet some high school seniors I tell them about my school and try to get them to look into coming to Savannah State University. Many students at Savannah State including myself can honestly say we love our HBCU.


I brag most about the College of Business when I tell my friends about my school. The professors taught us about real-life experiences. Their main goal was to prepare us for the real world.


I always tell my friends of what type of activities my school has from homecoming week to breast cancer awareness month Savannah State has a great activities board.


i tell them about the area that it is place, very nice historical dowtown, beautiful beach....and also the cool fraternity and sororities


I brag mostly about the great southern food that they serve on the campus and the beautiful weather.


The opportunities that it has to offer, only if you take advantage of it. Mass Communications has plenty of equipment for students to use to improve their skills


What I brag about most when telling my friends about my school is how great the campus is. The campus is very beautiful and well maintained and academics are a little challenging but thats a good thing because they strive to challenge our minds and prepare us for life after college.


I brag most abou the facilities present in the science department. The building has been renovated recently and now consists of more equipment which is current for the neccessary advances that are rapidly occuring in the world today.


My research


My overall experiences, academic and social.