Savannah State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had known how hard the work load was going to be. Had i better prepared myself my first semester and a half of college could have been much easier.


Before attending Savannah State I wish I knew the school background on the previous years before I started. When I first started SSU it was like an train-wreck fiancial aid act like they did not care about my needs as if its almost like they just wanted my money for and not really focus on my future and how they are able to help me finacially. I wish I had a tour guide around campus for the semster. New more what was really going on campus. I wish they stop with all these unnecessary fees


I wish i knew about the scholarship opportunities and the process it takes to get awarded with them. Also, I wish i knew how to get around in the Savannah community to shopping centers such as Walmart, Savannah Mall, and movie theaters, and job options.


Prior to coming to Savannah State I never took a campus tour, so when I first arrived it was ALOT of walking , but over time I've gotten use to it.


I wish I would have known more about financial aid. My lack of knowledge interfered with me attending the university of my choice. If I would have known what I needed and where I could find it my first year of school would have been spent on campus. I now know what needs to be done inorder to get what I need for school. I am now working hard to find enough aid to support me through the rest of my schooling


I wish I had known that there is not a debate team here at my school.


Before I came to this school i wish I had known the basics of college survival. For example, I had to realise that sometimes I have to say no. I cant go to every party, I cant hang out every night, and sometimes other things are more important. My studies are the most important thing right now and thats what I need to focus on. I wish i knew how to organize my priorities. I also wish I had a better understanding of how to study. Without the proper study skills its impossoble to make it throuh college.


More about the study abroad programs


I can honestly say i am highly satsified with the school. Everything here was self explantory, the website and broucher helped alot also. They gave very accurate details about the school.


Before I attended this school, I wish i would have done more scholarships to pay for scool rather than loans.




I wish I had known some of the professors before I came down.. Its always good to network just in case you have a dire emergency, you'll have someone to run to


that it's not a race to the finish line and that college is more about retaining the information learned as apposed to finishing quickly.


Well when entering college you have to realize that now you have to step outside of that child stage in life. Now you have to learn to be responsible and how to basically be an adult. For some college students it's harder than for others. Now you can't constantly rely on parents for everything. You have to be on top of yourself academically, socially, and financially. You just can't look at college as a way to get out of your parents home to do what you want cause just like parents, schools can boot you out too.


engineering program status


That there were other schools that offered professional pilot as a major!