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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Were I able to go back in time to give myself advice as a high school senior, my main topics of focus would be observation and generosity. I have come to realize, in the time since I have graduated, that observance and awareness of one's surroundings opens doors you would entirely miss were you not paying attention. Being cognizant of the people and places around you, enables you to not only appreciate the world, the environment, and people, but grants you opportunites to be generous with others. Generosity, in a discreet manner, can vary from a smile to a favor. Generosity is not to be done for the sake of recognition but simply to help another person out. In the long run you never know when they may come back and return the favor. I have had the pleasure, to do favors and extend a hand when needed. In those moments even the conversations exchanged have benefitted me far more than I would have ever forseen. As a human race we need to be there for eachother, working together, through thick and thin--not just for the acknowledgement or approval of the public, but to better unite the world.


Don't slack off. Do your work as soon as you get it. Don't get consumed by other people's obsessions with alcohol and drugs. Be yourself and just really focus and know that this education will work to improve your life.

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