Seattle University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is very small, sort of like a community college.


Seattle University strives to educate leaders for a just and humane world.


Dedicated to educating the person as a whole, enriching their lives with more than just book knowledge by encouraging them to participate in their community and challanging them to think about the gobal community.


Seattle University is a private, jesuit catholic, institution.


Seattle University fosters an environment where students are active in social-justice projects, students are involved in an array of service-oriented activities where they can grow as human beings and contribute to the community; it is evident that the mission statement, which claims to empower leaders for a just and human world, is evident through how the professors genuinely care about their students as well as the leadership classes and opportunities SU offers.


Seattle University is ethnically, racially, religiously, economically diverse; it has a strong focus on the community and academic excellece.


Seattle University is in the middle of the city, is liberal and close minded, has small class sizes, and is very acedemically based.


The mission of Seattle University is to not only build the mind but the soul as well.


My school is a non-profit Jesuit private school built around the idea of providing academic quality.


My school constantly challenges me to be a well rounded citizen in society- I have become a more environmentally aware person as well as someone who sees the great need to give back to society- it is an expensive school which leads to my strong fight to figure out how to continue to attend by finding the finances I need to do so.


A brief shot of the snowstorm shot from outside Campion Hall.


At Seattle University, students are faced with the tough decision of whether to pass to the left or to the right of the fountain - the main attraction on campus.


Seattle University's campus is the perfect size for students that do not like big classes, which gives students great opportunity to interact with other students and build strong relationships with their professors.


SU has caring professors who want you to succeed and be productive citizens in bringing social justice to the world.


Seattle University is a small, liberal, Jesuit university that puts a lot of emphasis on community, volunteering, and being environmentally friendly.


Seattle University is an environemnt that strongly promotes learning in all different capacites; be it discovering one's true self spiritually or achieving one's full academic potential.


It is a very liberal, very diverse community with a focus on social justice.


Small Jesuit, close to downtown campus.


We place a lot of emphasis on volunteering in and being an important part of out community and on being "green."


Great faculty, goals and environmental awareness.


This is a school with wonderful professors who really care about their students.


Very liberal, very welcoming to everybody, very green, and pretty awesome.


S Seattle University is a school that offers a well rounded education for those that wish to involve themselves in campus and community activites as well as being rich in their academic fields; a beautiful campus located in the heart of downtown Seattle assists in enriching the offerings this school presents.


A small university with a lot to offer to students.

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