Seattle University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


I'm not sure, but maybe hipsters, a lot of gay guys, and liberals. Also that we don't party.


We are very diverse. You will find Liberal, Conservative and Moderate students on our campus. There is also lots of variety in students interests, values and events.


That we are either rich or Asian, or both. Passive aggressive and somewhat lazy.


That we are not a party school. That we have a large gay population. That all the students are really rich since we can afford tuition.


That it rains a lot. Seattle is a busy city. Everyone likes coffee in Seattle.


We're always busy and rude.


That they're very politically, morally, and socially motivated.


There is the stereotype that since Seattle University is a Jesuit or catholic institution everything is conservative or that most students go to church.


it is a liberal campus


Rich kids, coffee snobs


rich, diverse, trendy, artificial, religious, academically challenging


In general, Seattle students are seen to be very liberal in their political views and very environmentally conscious.


Seattle U is considered very liberal, as is most of the Pacific Northwest. It's also considered very multicultural, as Jesuit university devoted to such mantras. I think in some circles Seattle is also considered very granola (i.e. hippies), which at times goes hand in hand with people's vision of a liberal.


The major stereotype about Seattle U is that everyone is a bunch of liberal hippies.


Seattle University students are considered very wealthy, snobby, and spoiled. The city of Seattle is considered very laid back, fun, wet, cold, and full of coffee shops.


Seattle has a large gay population; my guess is to some it is really shocking at first, although for me its been irrelevant (the bay area, namely San Francisco, also has a large gay population). I read on before coming to SU that the school was full of lazy students who could care less about academics.


The biggest stereotype is that Seattle is accepting of all types of people, and Seattle univeristy students are all rich. Seattle is outwardly excepting, but I also find it to be extremely prejudice, but in subtle ways. And it is true that there are lots of rich people that go here, that are also shallow, but then again i go here, and I am niether.


There are almost no guys and the ones that are there are all gay.


That there are no parties. That everyone is liberal and really snobby about independent movies and music. That we're all Catholic.


Seattle U is stereotyped as a school with a big indie population. Kids are known for having diverse cultural interests and taking advantage of the city life. It's not known for its party life or brilliant students.


That we're all elite, snobby, liberal hippies.


People say it rains a ton. It really doesn't. There are dozens of other cities with more annual rainfall. It is overcast a bunch though. That being said, beautiful, sunny days in Seattle are money. Nobody enjoys the outdoors and good weather like a Seattleite. The city and campus really come alive. Girls shed their sweatpants and jeans at the first sign of sun. SU is the place to be on a sunny 60+ day.


stuck up rich snobs too many gay people super liberal since its a private college-super churchy and make you go to mass


Seattle U. students are supposed to be sober, religious, upper middle class kids overly concerned with social justice.


About Seattle: We're super green and supportive of local stuff, like music and farmers and businesses. About the students: Liberal and open-minded, willing to speak up and wanting to be heard. Competitive, but good at losing.


That Seattle U students are hippies and carry around shoulder bags and wear skinny jeans.


Very religious instition and very conservative.


Seattlites are known for their love of coffee. 'Yuppie' describes the nature attributed to them. Outsiders believe that Seattlites attend more yoga classes than religious services. Homosexuality is cool in Seattle, and so is feminism. Ironically, the flamboyance of the gay community and the ferocity of the feminists helps to make the more conservative type affraid of their ideas. While many people eat at vegitarian restaurants, they don't give so much as a glace to the homeless man outside the door.


It rains all the time. The people are either white, gay, or totally weird.

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