Seattle University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Seattle University is the dinning hours for our campus.


Tuition is very expensive and financial aid still doesn't cover enough to make it affordable for middle class families.


The financial aid counselors aren't always helpful so you've got to find one that is and stick with them.


I consider myself a moderate, but the majority of students on campus are very liberal. I often feel that by their standards I am a conservative. I often don't feel comfortable expressing my political views. Seattle University is very diverse ethnically, sexually, and religiously, and I feel very comfortable expressing those views, but for some reason I tend to shy away from political discussions.


Tuition is the biggest struggle for me. I'm paying almost 20,000 a year most of it with loans


Not having a 24-hour dining hall.


The school is out for money. The mission statement sounds great but the school is moving away from its ideals and towards getting more money, better recognition, and its getting there through a dedication to sports and waning its recruitment type.


Because it is a private Catholic institution there are more general required classes that each student is expected to take; I found this to be frustrating as a double major because I already had so many classes that I needed.


The most frustrating part of my school is because it is on the quarter system you have little time to take breaks, its a sprint. It is not a "party school" and that makes you focus on school a lot more, which is a good thing, but they really require that you put a lot of effort into every aspect of your classes.


The most frustrating thing about Seattle University is the large core course program, which makes it hard to complete the very large list of requirements in four years, along with your major.


Their graphics program is not the best, not very technical, i'll have to go to grad school to be well versed in the programs.


The cost. College is VERY expensive, but a bachelors degree has become the new high school diploma and thus has become a right of passage in our society.


While there is much diversity on campus, people seem to be diverse in the same ways


That it's hard


The Conservative skewed nature of the campus. Being a conservative is very limiting and makes me feel as though my views are of no value. Also the quality of beautiful girls is not very good. I would like the school a lot more if we attracted more mainstream people as opposed to the nerdier crowd.


Sometimes getting into core requred class was difficult because they filled quickly.


The pressure to be politcally correct and always having to cater to what the teacher wants to hear.

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