Shasta College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Shasta College is perfect for adults wishing to return to school, college freshman who don't know where they would like to attend a 4 year university, and students who do not have funds for a 4 year university.


Any person that is highly motivated and wants to learn about anything. The school offers a diverse selection of classes to guide a student in any area of interest; to help them succeed in life.


Shasta College is attended by people who do not have the resources to pay University, but that really want to succeed in life and make a change in their community, and the world as a whole. Shasta offers you agreat opportunity to meet new people, study while working and enjoy the company of your loved ones at the same time that you are saving money to go to the college or university you dream with. It is a cheap, varied, and academically high quality Junior College. I would stronlgy recommend any student to try it and enjoy of its opportunities.


Anyone who is willing to do the work required of them to meet the criteria for graduation. A person who is open minded and socially adept.